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Alternate Warsaw Pact - Europe

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Published: March 21, 2018
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Enlarged version of the alternate WP scenario
Main differences from OTL:
Pomerania and Silesia are given to the GDR and Poland recieves only the Danzig area;
Austria is split between a NATO state and a WP one just like Germany;
East Prussia is completely annexed by the Soviet Union and becomes the East Prussian SSR with capital Marxstad;
a Ruthenian SSR is formed from former Hungarian Transcarpathia;
a Romani SSR is formed from northern Bukovina (formerly administred by Romania), the first Romani homeland;
the Mahabad Republic from OTL becomes the Kurdish Dem. Republic;
the Greek Civil War ends in the proclamation of the Greek Democratic Republic;
Cyprus is given to (south) Greece by the UK;
Bulgaria becomes a Yugoslav Socialist Republic after signing of the Bled agreement, bringing Yugoslavia under firm Soviet control;
the Trieste Democratic Republic is founded after a public uprising following the stalemate over who shall keep the territory;
the Saarland remains independent indefinitely after a referendum;
the area surrounding the city of Görlitz is given to Czechoslovakia and becomes the Sorb Socialist Republic;
the Finnish People's Republic is founded from Soviet occupied territories in Finland but the USSR insists on the rest of Finland to remain neutral;
communist uprisings start the Second Irish Civil War, which ends with communist occupation of Northern Ireland and the proclamation of the Irish Democratic Republic, this draws Ireland into the NATO camp;
a guerrilla war leads France to lose control over Brittany, and the Breton People's Republic is founded.

Again, inspired by:… (P.R. Finland)… (GDR)… (North Greece)… (Breton DR)… (Irish PR)… (Romani SSR)… (Kurdish D.R.)
Ireland flag from…
Saarland flag from…
Greece flag from…
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These borders are absolutely fucking LEWD
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As I can see, Poland has an unlucky life in this alternative history.
- Losing a sizeable territory for the Soviet Union.
No compensation for losses during World War II (Cash or territorial).

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why is Yugoslavia a part of the warsaw pact
tito hated stalin
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it's alternate history
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2 things: Brittany and Northern Ireland. There is no way in hell the Allies, The Usa or the Uk would let either go communist. French, well their general useless so not counted
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You're very welcome; great works :)
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zalezskyHobbyist Digital Artist
awesome work!
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Cool map!

So I'm guessing the flight and expulsion of Germans after WW2 never happened and the ethnic boundaries of Interwar Period Europe remain largely the same, right?
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Metallist-99Student Digital Artist
Awesome map! 
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As fun as it is to have a free Brittany, it isn't realistic France is too close to other NATO powers to let any territory in the metropole break free. The terrain of Brittany isn't conducive to fighting guerrilla war it has no cover from the air in the form of jungles or thick forests, no mountains for natural barriers either.

Also nice map.
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I know it's a bit unrealistic, the Brittany scenario is in 1945, where a supposedly weaker resistance movement allowed for it to become a state of it own. When France recovered enough to reconquer Brittany, it was already under soviet protection. It is AH anyway, so ^^'
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XotaedHobbyist Digital Artist
Excellent map!
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CastilloVerdeHobbyist Digital Artist
Beautiful map! :) (Smile) I really like all of the small Soviet aligned states randomly all over Europe! :D (Big Grin) It seems like Soviet style communism is much more stronger here!

Just a couple things to point out: There is a city without a name in eastern Spain. Also it's Córdoba not Còrdoba. 
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Thank you, I fixed the mistakes
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Wow, a fantastic map! I love the addition of Kurdistan as an additional player.

I East Prussia still ethnic german or completely russian?
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East Prussia remains German in this scenario
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why Marxstad instead of Kantstadt
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Wrong person to ask! :-)
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