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elementary Lion 1.1

Hi everyone, sorry for delay but my laptop had power issues.

Here it is: elementary Lion 1.1

There was a bug in archive but theme is now reuploaded with proper archive.

There are some minor bugfixes, and theme is more polished.

Theme requires only Murrine! (like eGtk)

It was designed to use with elementary-nautilus and other elementary software but it will look good with everything ;-) Like eGtk.

It's just elementary Gtk (eGtk) mod, so credits goes to elementary team (and DanRabbit especially) - they made 99% of this theme!

Credits goes also to dg09 who made excellent Lion gtk theme which inspired me to make this mod.

::In Package::
In package you can find to themes:
1. elementary Lion for classic gnome session
2. elementary Lion for Unity
Both themes should run both on 10.10 and 11.04

there are also panel backgrounds, wallpapers and AWN themes

- Unpack ".zip" file. You will get theme ".tar.gz" file which you can install via your theme manager (in ubuntu just drag and drop it), or you can unpack it and copy it to your ".themes" folder (hidden in your user folder)

There is hack which you can apply :
-it hides ugly arrow/triangle in gnome main menu (if you use one)
-it hides focus around gnome main menu
-it disables resize grip (which looks horribly in 11.04)

if you want to apply this hack just enter "Hack" folder, show hidden files and copy them to your user folder (your main folder)

Have fun
© 2011 - 2021 Dolsilwa
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what's this font ?
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Probably droid sans but this screenshot was taken 3 yaers ago, so i'm not rally sure.
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Hey,thanks for the awsome theme! But uhh, there's some difference between the picture and what i got. There's a white line below the titie bar and the main tool bar. Here u can see it [link]

On ubuntu 11.04 ,10.04, i got the same thing . Can u help me with that ?
I'm from china. Sorry for my poor English.
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Hi there.
Hmm... i see that you're using unity version of theme. Can you tell me if you're using classic gnome session or unity session, and do you use Globalmenu or Unity appmenu? And which edition of ubuntu you're using right now 10.04, 10.10, 11.04?
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Hey how's it going on now? Remember I ask you this question couple month ago? And now i finally find out how to solve. Change the fonts size to 9 , problem solved!
And thanks for this nice work.
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Yeah you're right. I'm using Globalmenu rightnow.And the edition is ubuntu 10.04.gnome2.gnome session.
So the problem is Globelmenu right?
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When using the skin, I cannot load /bin/zsh when starting a terminal. Rather annoying. That's all I have to comment on it though, it's a lovely theme and I really like it. (When's GTK3 supported?)
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Ciao! ... a little question:
If I use a font for windows title bar at size 9 all works fine: [link]
If I use a font at size 10 or 11 this happens: [link]

Any ideas?
tnx in advance ...
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Hmm, i think it has something to do with titlebar gradient in metacity. Unfortunately i'm lousy metacity themer :-/ i've just borrowed metacity from elementary theme and reworked it a bit so i don't really know what to do :-/
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... or ... do you know the ont used in the original skin? ... I tried to ask to user uploaded it, but he has not yet responded ...
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I'm not sure what skin you are talking about? You mean this: [link] ?
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Ok, no problem... I keep the font size on 9 ;)
tnx a lot
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will this work with 11.10?
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I don't think so
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Well, i have no idea :-/ I switched to elementary os and i don't use ubuntu anymore :-(
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Unn .how to install the theme ? Copy the folders to ~/.themes/ ?But i got some difference between the image and mine .The nautilus arrors changed and there's a line between the main frame and the top.
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This theme was designed to use with nautilus-elementary (nautilus version made by elementary team).
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i think this is the best theme ever for ubuntu but there needs to bee how to install in ubuntu 11.04 and 11.10 but im still learning thx for the hard work
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Does it work on GTK3?
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Great, incredibly beautiful.
I have only to note two things that I like:

1 - metacity buttons are too big for my taste. Earlier I liked more.
2 - users (like me) who do not use Nautilus Elementary can not enjoy good gtk theme.
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