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Wildcat Gtk Theme 1.3



Wildcat 1.3

formerly Arbeit Macbuntu

- In alphabetical order: Bagley, DanRabbit, DG09, Eamon63, Gekos, Seahorsepip, Spliceosome, Timorei. Without their work this theme could not be made.


- Theme was designed to use with Global-menu-applet!
- Theme should work with Ubuntu 10.04 but it's not confirmed yet. Lucid Lynx users are asked to confirm if it works ;-) If it's not working, i'll try to fix it.
- There are versions for 10.04 (Wildcat 1.3 NL for normal nautilus and EL for nautilus elementary) and for 10.10 (Wildcat 1.3 NM for normal and EM for elementary nautilus)

::What's new::

- I've get rid of equinox and aurora engine!!
- New notebooks!
- Version for regular nautilus!!
- Slightly recoloured buttons.

:::: ICONS ::::
- Icons are here: [link]

There are some changes and i really encurage you to use this versions of icons (but i've get rid of this fake "left/right" button so if you still want to use it you have to stick with older version for now)


- Firefox looks best with: Hide-menubar Add-on, Foxdie Add-on and theme, and Global-menu Add-on (can be downloaded from DeviantArt)

- This theme is compatible with dg09's emerald themes.
- There is Emerald theme in the pack - it is modified dg09's theme with Spliceosome's "statusbar"

- Unpack ".zip" file. You will get "Arbeit Macbuntu New.tar.gz" file which you can install via your theme manager (in ubuntu just drag and drop it), or you can unpack it and move it to your ".themes" folder (hidden in your user folder)

- You can do the same with icons in "arbeit-macbuntu-icons-new.tar.gz". If you want to manually install it, extract it and copy to your ".icons" folder (hidden in your user folder"

- This theme has transparent separators so you can arrange your buttons as you like. In my screen it is: "up", 3 separators, view-mode-button, 3 separators, edit location, location pathbar. But of course you can do what you want.

::Ugly Global-menu Arrow::
- If you're using Global-menu-applet you may notice that distributor logo has ugly arrow underneath. To make it invisible there is "hide-globalmenu-triangle.tar.gz" file which you have to extract in your user folder. There are two invisible files ".arrow-blank.png" and ".gtkrc-2.0".

::Panel Backgrounds::
- They are in Panel-backgrounds.tar.gz archive. I think you know what to do :-)

Have fun, its GPL ;-)
© 2011 - 2024 Dolsilwa
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Can't get the icons anymore. The site is down. Is there anywhere else (maybe a torrent :fingerscrossed: ) that we could get the icons? This theme w/o the icons is nothing.