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Arbeit AE Theme

New Arbeit theme. It is based on Arbeit Aurora but with equinox engine for buttons and murrine engine for tooltips. GPL licence - modificate it as you wish.

::Version with Breadcrumbs::

- It needs engines Aurora, Equinox ad Murrine
- Panel backgrounds are included
- Looks best with Faenza Icons theme
- Hope you`ll like it, it`s colorfull and maybe a little macish but i think it looks nice.

-Added breadcrumbs and changed scrollbar
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It made the tab bar in chrome go blue... any idea how to fix it?
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Hmm i know where problem is: for tab bar chromium uses color from bg(selected) in theme, which in this theme is blue. For now i dont know how to fix it without destroying the whole theme. But :-) i`ll try to make chromium theme <my first> that will be matching Arbeit AE.
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My tab bar is black :P From the former theme I suppose.
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Hmm... it's a bit old theme, but i can add some tweaks for chrome and it should look better. (And you have some nice drawings in your gallery :-))
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It turned blue shortly after I posted that :lol: It's fine really, I changed the blue a tiny bit.
And thanks :)
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It's nice to have a good "white" theme now and then as I get bored of all the dark themes out there.
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I`m glad you like it :-)
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to much white for me hehe sorry
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Only menus are really white, rest is grey. But if you want to say that it`s too bright then yes, it is very bright. I think my next theme will be dark, but i have no experience with dark themes.
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thanks for the feedback :)

the theme is beautiful but very bright, maybe if you were more "gray" like leopard style MACOSX

sorry for my english
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And here it is - check in my gallery, or in gnome-look - Arbeit AE Darker ;-)
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Hmm, okay then, i`ll make a mod with darker colors - should be today in circa 8 hours on gnome-look and deviant.
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Naprawdę fajne ; ikonki mam te same i czcionkę chyba też-Aller ?
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Dzięki za pochwałę. A czcionką u mnie jest Sans, zmniejszyłem tylko rozmiary.
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It's very beautifull! Congratulations.
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what emerald theme are you using ?
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It`s not an emerald theme, it`s metacity and it is part of theme.
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