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Zootopia - Farmlife

Nick is street-smart but he surely wasn't made for farmlife. ;)

Paint Tool Sai & Photoshop CS5.

Judy & Nick(c)Disney.
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nice picture! I like your art. :3

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Judy knew this would be a good workout for them both. Love seeing Nick help Judy with farm work. ^^

I just stumbled across this, and LMAO'ed over it. "Wait until the guys at work hear about this: 'City slicker fox pwned by country tuber'."

Oh, and he's still wearing a city-slicker necktie, even in overalls.

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If we ever get a Zootopia 2 I want to see this.
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I don't know why, but Nick looks great in a Farmers Outfit. Subtly fits him in a way too.
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Dang I love those fur details

you gave the rabbit boobs, figures.

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Typical furry zootopia

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Are they living together now or something?

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I bet she glued it to the ground. ;-)

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Judy’s cute and sexy.
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Judy has cute bunny boobs.
Not so easy, eh, Nick?
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Judy’s bunny boobs.

Gardening barefoot?


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They technically have built-in shoes from the start
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