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Welcome to the Bay

The whaletaur is my favorite shaman from "Centaurworld". I love her character design so much! :D
And the song, omg, the song! 

My bay, its waves so green and see-through
Just down beneath you
Where the merfolk swim and play 

And if you're feeling blue
I've got the place for you, in me
I promise I'll consume all of your pain
Oh, I know sadness when I see it
And I'm here so you don't feel that way again

Hello, hello, I see you're eyeing
My constant crying
It's not easy doing what I do

But I must go on, seeking all those sighing
The woeful asking, 'why'-ing
I'll help them- let's move on!

When you are feeling sad
When lifе's become too bad
I can absorb your grief and numb it all away
You can fadе in blissful peace
And have one restful, gentle, happy final day

I want to help the suffering beings I keep seeing everywhere
This is the kindness I can share."

Drawn with Procreate on iPad Pro.

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Whaletaur brings a whole new level of mermaidisms !

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Her design was wonderful! Very bold~!

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She's also my favorite but my top favorite is the nowhere king

Tenshi-no-Koneko's avatar

it was so good, i love her

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YESSSSSSSS I LOVE HER TOO her song made me tear up :")

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really nice work :)

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:music:Hello, hello, it's nice to meet you. :music:

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Amazing work! Love this show- going to see the last episode tomorrow :D

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She looks amazing!

Nostalgialover808's avatar Anyone else getting Macha the Owl Witch (Song of the Sea) vibes from her?

Ah, so nice! I really liked the idea behind the character in combination with the whale-design.

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