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Weird Comic

The comic speaks for itself, doesn`t it? ...No? Okay, I`ll explain. :XD:

Last weekend my friends MafunDi and Atimon visited me. For those of you who don`t know her, Ati is the biggest Timon-fan EVER! In the evening we sat together on the couch and suddenly Ati began to attack MafunDi with her Timon-plushtoy. I sat next to them with my Jim- and Kiwi-plushie in my lap and observed their little fight ( which was in fact rather entertaining ). Eventually I feigned that my plushies would talk and Jim said "Let`s gonna get boozing while Timon tries to kill him." to the kiwi. :rofl:

Yeah, we`re insane...and proud of it! :D

Jim is kinda relieved that he didn`t hallucinate because of the rum ( that`s the fluid in their mugs ). By the way, my plush-kiwi really does have that little leather collar, I just thought it looked cute. ^^;

Photoshop 7.0.

Jim and Timon(c)Disney ; MafunDi(c)himself ; Kiwi(c)myself.
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I love him (from treasure Planet~~<3)
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I'm dying of laughter over here!Tears Of Laughter Emoji Tears Of Laughter Emoji Tears Of Laughter Emoji 
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Delete this bullshit
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:giggle: this is so great!
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666 COMMENTS!!! Oh wait.. This is 667th, so i broke the amazingness in the comments
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The kid from treasure planet?
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Insanity speaks for itself...
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Kiwiiiiiiii?!?!?!?! XD
Adorable! Glad there's kiwis in space..... :D
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Aw, I loved Treasure Planet =D lol, cool little comic
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You'd be surprised how often this happens at the local zoo.
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That`s just how awsome friendship is ^^.
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This is just.... *sniff* to beautiful.
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lol, treasure planet was one of my favorite movies as a kid :3
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