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Unicorn Fight

I'll leave it up to your imagination what exactly is going on there. ;)
The unicorns in the background are young mares. I always imagine female unicorns to have very slender deer-like bodies while the males are a lot sturdier.

Traditional lineart coloured with Paint Tool Sai & Photoshop CS5.

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They are like MLP Versions of themselves fighting. Keep up the good work!Clap Clap 
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Omg you should make a comic using them 
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How I see it is:

Adult blue unicorn : "I will not allow your daughter to see my son"
Adult pink unicorn: "well my daughter is too good for your son anyway!"
Adult blue unicorn: "what did you say! Do you wanna fight?
Adult pink unicorn: bring it on!!!

Little blue unicorn: "really dad?"
Little pink unicorn: "they're not going to kill each other are they?"
Little blue unicorn: "I don't think so. They're just being brainless boneheads right now."
Little pink unicorn: "I can see that."

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but the little ones are both mares arent they?
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They are both mares, but before reading the artist's comments I had a very simular idea as what you said is going on here, would make since, especially because of the colouration and the two being younger. :)
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I think that they are fighting for the females love that what happened in real life animals sometimes 
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Thank you it because of you I remember how much I love unicorns I may draw a picture of a unicorn and dragon together 
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They look perfect and great drawing!!!!!!!!!!
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I adore this piece!! Not only for the sexual dymosphism you show betwen the unicorns, but the colours of them are stunning! I love it when subtle colours are added to white.  It's perfectly framed, composed and the the background colours transitioning from blue to green! Absolutely breathtaking! 
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"How dare you impede my honor!"
"I will trample you into the earth!"

"They're at it again."
"What do we do?! What do we do?!"
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Gorgeous work! I love your characterisation and also the background, it's just stunning and really sets the scene of a really "unicorn" world.
I can just hear them in my head when I look at this :D
The stallions are like "This noble battle must be fought!"
And the brown mare is like "Ooooh, how stallion-ly!" and the blue mare is like "Oh my horn, how long until the rutting season is over."
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"I always imagine female unicorns to have very slender deer-like bodies while the males are a lot sturdier."

Ich hoffe die Männchen sind vom Körpergewicht her den Weibchen nicht allzu schwer, wenn ... weißte Bescheid. :P
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The mare on the left looks like she's saying: Geez, dad. Not again.
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I'm voting the blue male and female are brother and sister and the cream colored male and female are brother and sister as well. 

The blue male likes the cream males sister and the cream male isn't having any of that :P 

that's how i see it anyways.
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she literally said they were both females
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Reminds me of The Lion King 2
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