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TLK - Bad Boy


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Commission work.
Simba doesn't want Kiara to get anywhere close to Kovu. ;)

Paint Tool Sai & Photoshop Cs5.

"Lion King" characters(c)Disney.
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This is awesome! And now i need to watch the movie again, because I don't remember Kovu being this confident.

Amazing 😳❤️

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Kovu sure dresses sharp, I'll give him that. And Simba needs to take it down a notch.

theguyfromyoutube's avatar

Im not a fan of anthro tlk but this is just really good idk why 😅

Monkshood-LaRue's avatar

I wonder how the ambush would look like.

One thing for sure - bunch of girls overpowering Simba muahahahahahaha :devilish:

ricoposcoq's avatar

Amazing also interesting style.

Love this amazing

Kovutlkk's avatar

Can I take this art for my Instagram account I go to credit you

DolphyDolphiana's avatar

As long as you add a link to my Instagram page, it's okay.

As a father, he can be over-protective. Naturally.

KuroNeko369's avatar

This fits way too well!

D1n0-Mann94's avatar

That's Lion King 2 in a nutshell.

flamehorse's avatar

Simba say's "NOPE!" Oh Kiara. lol

SonAmyFan362's avatar

Doesn’t Kovu know the rest of the words to the song? "Whatcha gonna do, when they come for you?".

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GoddessRainbow's avatar

You're very talented, this drawing is so well done. Great work.

Barefoot, anthro-lions are beautiful!!!

Your artwork is brilliant, putting it bluntly.

UltramanZenith's avatar

To quote Abridged Piccolo: "That is terrifyingly accurate"

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