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Soooo...I was weak and paid to watch "Raya and the Last Dragon" on Disney+. :P
It was okay, but they could have done so much better if they hadn't squeezed so much plot and so many characters in it. It would have been great for a whole season of a TV-show, but for a movie it felt rushed and the characters stayed pretty much one-dimensional since there wasn't enough time to properly deal with them.

I really liked Sisu personality-wise, her human design was great but the dragon design...sorry, but she looks like Elsa's fursona that escaped from a My Little Pony or Barbie universe. Disney, pleeeeaaaase don't create characters just to sell toys of them!
I think it would have been fine if they gave Sisu a longer snout, less huge eyes and some scales, because she's a water dragon, two reasons that speak against allover fluffiness.
Anyway, that's just my opinion.
What do you think?

Mixed media ( copic markers, coloured pencils, white gel pen ).

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Not an Elsa's fursona but about she escaped from the MLP universe I agree.

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It's a really happy compromise between movie design and her early concept art!

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Disney + Money = disaster for us all D: I like her dragon design tho but yeah it is an elsa dragon sona

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I haven't seen the movie this is from, does this design reflect how the character looks in the media, or is this your version of it?

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It's from Disney's new movie which is only available at a few theatres and for an extra fee on Disney+. This is a slightly changed design because the original one looks...too much like "My Little Pony" for me.

Ah I see, yeah I definitely like your design much better; the original is very odd looking in terms of the snout and eyes as you said. Oh well though, I haven't watched much western animation for the last few years as the standards haven't been great lately.

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