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Simba and Nala - Gamers

Commission for :iconsankau:. :)

Paint Tool Sai & Photoshop CS5.

Simba & Nala(c)Disney.
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Love this so much!

WildHeartLK's avatar

Looks like Simba is in trouble.

It seems Nala Pinned him down again, you go Nala!

Git Gud Simba.

TLK-TojoFan's avatar

This is Amazing.

I just love how Nala is so relaxed,

Meanwhile Simba looks so Stressed out, he is probably on Losing streak.

Poor Simba lol.

Kodimarto's avatar

Nala: Pinned ya!

AWESOME work on these guys!!! :)

RearmedDreamer's avatar
The expressions are golden. x'D
BillyNikoll's avatar
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Awesome, I can hear the audio of my favorite RST game playing out as I imagine Nala winning.

gambitx18's avatar
Nala: Ha, pinned ya!
DCLeadboot's avatar
Hehe... even playing videogames together, she pinned him again! :giggle:
Wolf-Girl18's avatar
lol, nothing more funny then a Gamer Girl beating the hell out of a gamer boy
Finsterdrache's avatar

Nala rocks it. ^^

crossovercreteor's avatar
i think nala is beating simba's high score and he can't keep up with her
MontiRedDragon's avatar
Nala Saying Pinned Ya In cyberspace 😁
RensMeerkat's avatar
This is SO me and my boyfriend when we play online games...even down to the clothing. 
Chelserella's avatar
I love this sooo much! LOL 
shinragod's avatar
Simba try harder...Nala's "L Dancing" over your constantly defeated ass. XD
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MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
Lo funny and exllcent work
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"You require more vespene gas."

"you must construct more pylons"
DingoPatagonico's avatar
i thought exactly that XD 

probably with also THE HIVE CLUSTER IS UNDER ATTACK too
Silver-Wolf-17's avatar
These outfits actually really reflect their personalities
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