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Peacock Spider

Peacock spiders are adorable! And I say that as an arachnophobic! ;)

Sketch coloured with Paint Tool Sai & Photoshop CS5.
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If peacock spiders weren't adorable enough in real life, you really brought out that cuteness here <3

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dhks7044's avatar cut!!!!
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He sure is pretty and flashy. Although I'm not sure if the arachnid phobes will think so.
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That's the cutest and most awesome done Maratus speciosus i ever saw. Excellent job!
Cadavroux's avatar
Total arachnophobic here but damn.... that is one ADORABLE spider.

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They call him cuba pete, he's the king of the somba beat..... Sorry dancing peacock spider vids are addicting, lol. 
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Peacock spiders are especially cute in your style! :love:
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Maratus speciosus? My fave one from peacock spider species.
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He's so adorable!
You did a great job painting him.

I absolutely love jumping spiders of all types. And the peacock species is the prettiest and funniest, with their little airplane directing moves XD
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I remember one or two drawings that I did for you featuring my cartoon spider Bui (and the doubtful honor that it was to your kitty Doplhy to meet him X) Who knows?... Maybe with time will you (and your kitty) learn to change your view on spiders? ^^

Nothing better to cure arachnophobia than starting by having a look at the cutest and funniest spiders on Earth Flirtatious I have some funny anecdotes with jumping spiders, but I did´t need to start with these adorable specimens, since even as a child I always felt a great interest for spiders Sherlock Holmes (and even collected some, for some time).
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Oh my goodness! It's so cute! <3
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Not a fan of spiders but still i have to admit you did a great job love how colorful it is 
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They are adorable indeed!
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This is... oddly cute xD
I really like the details you put into the 'hair' :la:
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As an another arachnophobic I must say all of those jumping spiders are adorable :3 
TheFunnySpider's avatar
Super adorable. Love the coloring here. I wish I could see a real one, but sadly... :(
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I'm arachnophobic too, and I love peacock spiders. This artwork makes the spider look 1000x cuter though :)
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Fox - Pretty-party-cutie-patootie!
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such a precious cutie X3
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