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Moon Panther

Trying out something new, style-wise. :)

Traditional lineart drawn with black pens / ballpoint pen and coloured with Paint Tool Sai & Photoshop CS5.
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Someone has reposted the art here, presumably without permission:

Final piece of artwork for a long time.
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I LOVE this! This is so awesome! The Panther , the moon, the colors - it all makes me speechless with its beauty! It has a very cozy, warm feeling to it. I really love how you did the lighting.
I love your idea of painting this.
It shows the God's gifts for us.
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This is so pretty!!! I love the purple glow
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very beautiful. love  the colours and the blue mystical atmosphere 
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So mystic! I love it! :D
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Just dangling some night lights.
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Very beautiful 
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Very beautiful. 
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Wow beautiful
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It's perfect *__* 
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This looks absolutely gorgeous Love Love Love 
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If that panther had a fishing rod, this'll look like the DreamWorks logo!
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Very beautiful <3
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Very good job with this one! Keep it up
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Good morning, really amazing!!!!!!.
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How sweet. Cats rule, even on the moon. It's cool for cats. S.
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Oh, this is gorgeous! Is it alright if I use this as my phone wallpaper?

If not, that's fine. :)
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THanks! It's totally alright as long as it's just for private use. ^^
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Alright, thank you! :heart:
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