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Meeting Death

Years ago I have written a "Rise of the Guardians" fanfiction where Jack meets the Spirit of Death, who is an elderly Victorian woman called Morticia. All the other spirits avoid her because they are afraid of her but after having a good talk Jack finds out she's not nearly as scary and cold-hearted as everyone claims.

The sketch was drawn early this year, but I never had the time or motivation to colour it until now.

Link to the story :…

For sketches, WIPS and high resolution files please check out my Patreon :

Instagram :…

Jack Frost(c)Dreamworks.
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Outstanding details!

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This is really, really cool. Love the dress!

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Looks extremely interesting!

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Looks like a great meeting!

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Awkward convo this would be

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I love how gentle the spirit of death looks, and the design of her raven is perfect, cute in a slightly creepy way!

Jack: Has it ever accrue to you that their are things that never die?

Morticia: That young man, is never more.

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A female Death. Honestly, I can't help but think of Lady Death from Marvel comics.

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I love Death's almost grandmotherly demeanor. An ancient, wise being who seems cruel and unfair, but in actually is kind and gentle. Only doing what is best for the world and helping each individual person find their eternal paradise after a lifetime of surviving the harshness of the living world.

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She looks relativly friendly and gentle ^_^

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