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Leopard Love

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For the art-show ar Eurofurence. :3

Media : Copic markers and a little bit of coloured pencils.
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too cute,good job happy v-day
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OMG It's E (My sister's oc, real name is Eve.) and TIGERAIL! (my oc)
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omg that is sooooooooooo amazing your like a god of art!
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Cute...Heart Heart Heart Hug 
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Your art is adorbs! <3
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Wonderfully cute work. :aww:
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Wow, your art´s amazing!

what´s the Eurofurence? Is it a big art show?
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Eurofurence is Europe's biggest Furry convention and they have an art show there where people can bid on your art.
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Wow, cool!!! I hope you have success there! :)
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This is so cute! Love the snow leopard.
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AWW so cute and adorible!!
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Really beautiful peace of art, Dolphy. Your artwork is SO realistic. You draw animals very well. Keep up the very good work, Dolphy. ;) :clap: :clap:
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OMG I want a print of this!  I love it!
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I really love the snow leopard!
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awesome!! love the two different leopards and the split backgrounds really creative :)
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I absolutely love the snow leopard! Its so cute!!!
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Really cute drawing, and great light in the picture! Clap 
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Aww this is cute , nicely done.
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this is really cute!!! nice job!!
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Awwws, such cuties :3 I love the contrast between their colors, as well as the whole shift in the background. The warm and the cold make a nice ying/yang effect that works perfectly together. And even though half the picture is cold, with cold colors and all, the warmth in the overall work is just amazing. Beautiful, beautiful work! :)
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