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Baby Wammawink


"Centaurworld" on Netflix is such a weird, hilarious and entertaining cartoon with such amazing songs that I immediately downloaded the soundtrack and have been listening to it more than I should. XD

It's impressive how the show can switch between absolute craziness and deep emotions in the blink of an eye. There's a flashback of the character Wammawink as baby and it breaks.your.heart.

My main complaint about the style is that they should have given the taurs noses, because their faces look so weird and flat without them.

Drawn with Procreate on iPad Pro.

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It’s just a bad dream. When I wake up, they’ll all be back!

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This is such an adorable interpretation of her!

werewolfawesome's avatar cute! Haven't seen it yet, but I'm looking forward to it sometime next weekend or something like that.

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God this episode broke my heart. this is fantastic!

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Idk what this thing is but it’s precious

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I thought this being looked adorable, but I have no idea what Centaurworld is.

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"A traumatized horse goes Over the Garden Wall and discovers that friendship is magic, while fighting a few Dark Souls bosses. It’s a musical!"

- Diregentleman

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So adorable!!! I watched the videos u posted on facebook, and i liked them too. : ) Hihi!!

Very good work on this, its very cute i think!!! :heart:

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Wow. Do you plan to do the other Wammawink characters too?

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