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SOMA- Christine ref sheet by Dolphingurl21stuff SOMA- Christine ref sheet by Dolphingurl21stuff
Christine is Catherine and Simon's only child. She's very smart, and has found ways to get into things without Mom or dad's permission. She is a part of the ARK. She likes sitting in the park by the lilies with her family. She's a HUGE sweetheart when it comes to her family. She's kind of protective over her mom, because of how emotionally fragile Catherine is. She's kind of Tsundere and Bokukko mix.
Other info:
Bullet; PurpleShe is sometimes referred to as "Chris" than Christine. The guys she hangs with gave her that name.
Bullet; PurpleChris is a sucker for anything sweet.
Bullet; PurpleShe surpasses all the other kids in sports.
Bullet; PurpleChris never like the idea of short hair. She may be a tomboy, but she still likes styling her hair leading her to have long hair since she was little, that lead her to let her hair grow very long and rarely cut it until today.
Bullet; PurpleShe cares a little too much for her friends and family..
Bullet; PurpleChris is the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of her mother.
Bullet; PurpleChris has a hard time expressing her feelings.
Bullet; PurpleChris loves playing hard, and will get injured A LOT..
Bullet; PurpleChris loved when her mom or dad read stories to her when she was little.
Bullet; PurpleChris is very sarcastic, and laughs when someone does something stupid to hurt themselves.
Bullet; PurpleChris has a natural beauty and charming appeal that she doesn't see nor realizes, but it's clear for everyone who ever lays eyes on her.
Bullet; PurpleChris hasn't gotten her first kiss yet...
Bullet; PurpleChris is asexual, not gay!.
Bullet; Purple Chris loves listening to different music.
Bullet; PurpleShe claims that her long hair is her pride and joy.
Bullet; PurpleChris is a huge lover towards her family. She stil likes to snuggle with her parents, but she'll never tell anyone that!
Bullet; Purple Chris knows several recipes.
Bullet; PurpleAt age of 10, Chris and Cath went to a small park. Catherine looked away for a second, and saw that supposedly Chris disappeared. Cath went into a complete panic, and searched the playground. When she was under the monkey bars, Chris suddenly appeared in Cath's face upside down, scaring Cath.
Bullet; PurpleChris is a quick learner and has potential to do many things, and chill when she's suggested to try something.
Bullet; PurpleSometimes her friends challenge her to crazy stuff.
Bullet; PurpleChris cracks her fingers a lot, and she can bend them in weird ways.
Bullet; PurpleChris loves her parents, but she loves annoying them too.
Bullet; Purple Chris is only an unkind person, a kid named Tyler, who she hates and he hates her back.
Bullet; Purple Chris rarely cries unless it's a situation that causes her pain or real heartache.

SOMA= Catherine + Simon= @ Game creators
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