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Katka Painting by Dolphingurl21stuff Katka Painting :icondolphingurl21stuff:Dolphingurl21stuff 3 3
SCPworld: Escape to Freedom PT. 1

SCPworld was looking for new staff members: Interns, scientists, security, and trainers; the facility was having more classified... incidents happen to lower their total staff count. After acquiring resumes from possible employees, SCPworld decided to give a select group of individuals a tour of the location to get a glimpse of their career. After the final votes, the day of the tour arrived. The select individuals crowded together to listen to the the tour. They walked through the place, SCPworld showing off their "state of the art" facilities, pointing out amenities, safety protocols, and other relevant info.
The first leg of the tour was long, they haven't gotten to the actual things housed here. After about an hour and a half of boring, the Dr ████ joined the group for the next and last part. "Greetings everyone, I'm glad you've taken interest in our location for your future careers! Now, I'm your guide at this point; I'll give y
:icondolphingurl21stuff:Dolphingurl21stuff 5 2
Check Up! by Dolphingurl21stuff Check Up! :icondolphingurl21stuff:Dolphingurl21stuff 9 7 Surprise!! by Dolphingurl21stuff Surprise!! :icondolphingurl21stuff:Dolphingurl21stuff 5 13 Ulises by Dolphingurl21stuff Ulises :icondolphingurl21stuff:Dolphingurl21stuff 8 3 Breach by Dolphingurl21stuff Breach :icondolphingurl21stuff:Dolphingurl21stuff 7 5 Pearl! by Dolphingurl21stuff Pearl! :icondolphingurl21stuff:Dolphingurl21stuff 16 3 Deep Sea Ghost by Dolphingurl21stuff Deep Sea Ghost :icondolphingurl21stuff:Dolphingurl21stuff 4 3 Dive by Dolphingurl21stuff Dive :icondolphingurl21stuff:Dolphingurl21stuff 2 0 The shallows by Dolphingurl21stuff The shallows :icondolphingurl21stuff:Dolphingurl21stuff 3 5 Night Time Marvels by Dolphingurl21stuff Night Time Marvels :icondolphingurl21stuff:Dolphingurl21stuff 7 7 .:AT:. Small Talks by Dolphingurl21stuff .:AT:. Small Talks :icondolphingurl21stuff:Dolphingurl21stuff 4 5 Pay attention to me! by Dolphingurl21stuff Pay attention to me! :icondolphingurl21stuff:Dolphingurl21stuff 6 1 Bubbliqua by Dolphingurl21stuff Bubbliqua :icondolphingurl21stuff:Dolphingurl21stuff 7 8 KILLER whales by Dolphingurl21stuff
Mature content
KILLER whales :icondolphingurl21stuff:Dolphingurl21stuff 1 2
.:Remember The Number:. by Dolphingurl21stuff .:Remember The Number:. :icondolphingurl21stuff:Dolphingurl21stuff 2 2


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My New Toy

Huion Kamvas 191 V.2. Sorry for poor lighting. I can't open the blinds in the study and the overhead light is busted (using portable light source). It's brighter than it looks in there, though.
:iconsykoticorka:SyKoticOrKa 1 2