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Used Here:  Amethyst by Elegant-Designs
Thank you so much! <3
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used here thank you :hug:

2017 by VelaniArt
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Used here thank you very much      Gone with the Wind was not carried by Marazul45
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<font><font>Se utiliza aquí, muchas gracias! </font><font>…</font></font>
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Thanks for your beautiful stock [link]
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thanks a lot for your wonderfull stock : i used it here [link]
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Very beautiful clean and clear Rhodocrosite. I want one! It looks like a piece of watermelon!
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thats what I love about real gem stones they all look so different I want to go to one of those places to dig for your own
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On TV they always make it look like they're right there under your fingertips. I saw some BEAUTIFUL Black Opal being found in Colorado. The Carolinas have several different kinds of stones Aquamarine and Tourmaline. A young boy found a HUGE chunk of a Diamond in Arkansas. In the Wah Wah Mountains there is or was a form of Red Beryl called Bixbite. A Red Emerald! It looks like that too. Very pretty deep shade of berry red. You can see some Bixbite on
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yeah in Arkansas they have a place I guess thats awesome
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