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Sexual Frustration

Finished final project from my basic drawing for non-majors class. I'm actually graduating this semester with a bachelor of science ("with a concentration in Vertebrate Ontogeny and Phylogeny" :D), but I was originally accepted to my University as an art student, and I didn't want to leave without taking at least ONE art class. This class is the only drawing class available for those of us outside the art department so it usually fills up right away, but I finally got in, and just in time! I didn't really learn much in the way of new techniques (I've taken basic drawing classes before) but I feel like I honestly have improved. Having a 3 hour block, 2 days a week to work on art at a BIG scale, and being forced to put effort into and finish everything because it's going to be graded, was all great.

Plus, I'm way more comfortable with charcoal now. I hadn't used it since I was 17, and back then I really hated it because I never took the time to learn the medium.

For this project, we had to each make an 18"x24" collage from magazine clippings and then use that collage as reference for a 3'x4' drawing. The collage was supposed to have a "theme," though I just cut things out based on what I wanted to draw (people, faces, hair) and chose the theme in retrospect. So this is clearly a very meaningful piece full of deep messages on the topic of "sexual frustration and the portrayal of romance in western media."
In the magazine the angry face was only about an inch tall, but I liked it so much I blew it up really big for the drawing :)

This is going to be critiqued on Tuesday, so I might take another (better) picture of it with the tape taken off. We'll see...

pencil, vine charcoal, conté crayon, compressed charcoal, watercolor pencils, pastel pencils

(ps) Download/full view for details! This is a huge picture!
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WOW! This must have taken a lot of time to do. Nice work.