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DollyBitt's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
☆━━Hi I'm Dolly and I create digital Anime━━☆
I don't have a set style yet, I'm still learning, but I'm having fun as I go.
Feel free to add me on LinePlay, It's a super cute game and I'm very friendly


                          Another doll like cutie but this one feels a bit anime
                         I didn't notice how big her eyes were but It still works
                   I feel like If this one had a body, that she would be a mermaid

                                                      Love, Dolly

          This was meant to be a spooky feel for Halloween, but I'm not really feeling It 
                     I'm really not good at light environment shading but I tried
Yes, It's been over two weeks since Halloween, but I'm Aussie so It doesn't matter anyway

                                                            Love, Dolly

                  Ponytails are hard for me to do but I think these turned out good
                  This one feels more like a real doll face, I just think shes so cute
    I didn't notice how bright the Line art was until I was already finished and saved out
          Sometimes It fits but I'll look again after a while and wish It was a lot darker
                   I'm still loving this doll style and think I'm getting a lot better

                                                        Love, Dolly

                  This one Is definitely my favourite so far, she just looks so peaceful 
        I added some light strands when I coloured the hair to give It a tiny bit more depth,
                           and now I'm completely happy with the colouring style 
                 The hands though. Hands and bodies are my greatest weaknesses 
       I really did try to do it on my own, but it always looked very unnatural and just awful
                           In the end i had to trace them from another picture
         I'd feel bad, but the 'hands' I was drawing would have ruined the whole picture
             I'm still totally In love with this style and I'll be doing It for awhile more
                                                       Love, Dolly

         I'm having a lot of fun with this style, It's not super real and It's not super anime
           This one was meant to be a sleepy look but somehow turned almost flirty like
               I Like how I coloured the hair too, It's got the depth my first one 
                            I actually drew this one the day after the first
                But I waited to upload because my drawing's are few and far between 

                                                         Love, Dolly
Hello everyone and anyone reading this, I'm DollyBitt, short for DollyBitter, but you can just call me Dolly. Anyway, I'm finally starting my own DeviantArt Account!
I've never really used DeviantArt ◕_◕ I know what it is and I've looked through tons of art, but I was never logged in to Follow an account or leave comments...Sorry 
So when I wanted to finally share my own Art, instead of learning how to actually USE DeviantArt, I chose to share on LinePlay. A mobile fashion game I've been playing for a least two years...
It seemed like a weird place to start but I've seen lots of other Artist's share there work and even hold Raffles, so I thought I would too. And I've been sharing my Art for almost a year 
But you can't search for Art on LinePlay, and only friends will see what you Post, so unless they Share your post only a small amount of people will see your Art.
And I want to share my Art with anyone and everyone I can, either because they were looking for me specifically or found me by accident after starting at dragon statues.
That's a thing I've always liked about DeviantArt, you don't know how you got here, didn't even know you were looking for it but you'r glad because you've found something new to like 

So, I'll be sharing my Art here, hopefully people will like it, if you don't that's okay too, I don't even like some of my own work 
For awhile I'll be uploading some of my older work, It was a painful journey to get where I'm at now, and I'm still not that great, so why should I be the only one to suffer. Please feel free to comment, even if its a single word of praise or 500 words of hate, and like...can you leave likes on DeviantArt? I don't actually know...I'm so lost here  
Love Dolly✩


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