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Breast expansion by Dollproject
Catch me! by Dollproject

Catch her :D!
I'm introducting new, short stories. First one is about Lena who becomes sexy bimbo slave wife. Watch her transform!

Fetish wife by Dollproject
All parts of "Making of the fuckdoll" are now 50% off.
Enjoy :)

Virtual reality by Dollproject
New story is ready :)

Clara is a petite girl who discovers her passion for breast implants. As the time passes they become her obsession and she always craves more. She loves the power her big breasts give her and she uses it. Her boobie greed pushes her to exceed limits and change her body dramatically.
The story contains extreme breast epsansion and caring femdom.

More at:

Cover official by Dollproject
We've decided to introduce "customized dolls" - we gathered ideas from community members and now everyone can vote to decide which of them will be published as a story :). You can check that out on our website.

Also, we've managed to introduce Mastercard payments :)
There are some news I'd like to share.
First of all, we managed to set up a new shop. It's easy to use and looks quite good ;p. You can check it out at
Right now we're working on Clara's story, it should be released afer 13.09. There will be a lot of breast expansion.

We're still looking for writers and illustrators, so if you're interested, please contact us.
Second part of "Princess Susan and a Blue Tear" is avaliable now on
The story has 90 pages and 58 illustrations and contains BDSM, Dollification, Orgasm denial, Forced orgasm, Non-consensual, Breast expansion, Body modification, Fisting & Extreme penetration.
You can find a demo version of this story here:…

Calista - a white rubber doll by Dollproject
I'm happy and proud to announce, that a free demo of "Princess Susan and a Blue Tear" (part 2) is avaliable now!
Make sure to check it out and share :):…

The whole story will be released on Saturday!

Princess Susan and a Blue Tear (Part 2) - demo! by Dollproject
The story has been updated and the voting is in progress :D. You can decide what happens in the story next!
(it's free, only registration required :D)

Subject H515 by Dollproject
Do you want to see your sexy fantasy illustrated? That's possible now!
For the whole week form Monday till Saturday you can post short descriptions of a hot fantasy here:…
The fantasy that gets the most Likes by the end of the Saturday wins!
In Sunday I will illustrate this winning fantasy with a single picture and share the picture with you.

Sharing happy news - it's been a week since publishing the first part of the story. And receiving a lot of positive feedback. Glad you're enjoying it!

Story contains contains lots of breast expansion, booty expansion and bimbofication in general. It is about 70K characters long. It has 75 pages and 43 illustrations.

Here you can read part of it:

It’s a story of the world I live in, of how I became a princess and of how I struggled against the Blue Tear not to let it to rule my life. I hope you find it interesting.

Where I live people put great importance in status and birth. The highborn watch over the grey lives of the lowborn citizens. The enlightened elite decides the fate of the nation. The most glorious houses form the aristocracy. These rich and influential people hold power over the economy and form the financial foundation of the state. At the very peak of society, the King sits on the throne.

When you are a daughter of a Lord, the chances of becoming a soldier are slim. The family plans to marry you to someone powerful to strengthen the family name. Despite that, I loved fighting, and the successes in the ring always lifted my spirits. I brushed away a strand of hair from my face, wiped off the sweat and walked towards our defeated opponent – a burly blushing girl, now lying on the boards of the floor. Her friend had fallen nearby, and Jessica went to help him up. This was an important victory, Samantha and Butch had been the favourites, and by defeating them we became the school’s best duelists. I was so happy! This win meant so much to me! This was my twenty-first birthday and it could be my last chance to compete in the ring. That success turned out to be a perfect birthday present.

Coming of age is a very important moment in the life of a young lady. First, it marks the end of studies. Second, the readiness to start adult life. For highborn women adult life is a whole new world. There’s no place in it for swinging sticks or partying in clubs. A nubile lady is given to a body artist for improvement of her appearance so much, that from a normal girl she becomes a ravishing beauty. From that moment on she can participate in the life of upper classes, and her stunning beauty is a clear sign that she is highborn. Common women do not have right or resources to afford the services of an artist, which is why appearance is a signifier of status. If you see a beauty with lovely face, voluptuous breasts, slim waist and shapely buttocks you may be sure she is a noblewoman. If her breasts are really large and lips just made for fellatio, and her ass so big that is requires custom made clothes, you’ve probably met an aristocrat.

Common women caught using the services of body artists are severely punished. The exception are “companions” such as my dear Jessica. Our inseparable servants with whom we grow up from the youngest years, despite not being highborn are sent to artists as well due to their representative role.

For many highborn women coming of age is not an easy thing. Their body, improved in order to make them suitable for their social role has its needs. The higher their status, the more their libido increases. A typical noblewoman does not even attempt to match women from the High Houses but she still changes radically. Although she is rarely given to the body artists, her body improved by skilled craftsmen makes her an object of desire, which alongside her increased sexual drive puts her sex life above everything else. In the case of aristocracy it is different, as artists turn the ladies into the very essence of sensuality. My stepmother has breasts so large that, if she ever wanted to do sports, she’d never win any tournament. But she doesn’t care, since she spends most of her time in bed, having sex or fondling her improved vagina, which enables her to cum dozen times a day.

You shouldn’t be surprised then, that on my birthday I felt really anxious. For many women from my class, coming of age means that constant sex and lust now fill their lives replacing any and all former dreams. Pursuing the latest trends in fashion, young ladies become perverted nymphomaniacs, for whom the orgasm is a dream, reward and their primary duty.

Do you remember how Agata looked before all the changes? The difference is huge!
Diana Glass is one of my favourite stories on the DollProject.PL. Thanks to promotion of softcore stories like hers she has a big chance to be back. This time in better graphic standard :-).

How's Isabelle doing? See for yourselves - continuation of the story is already published on my website.
Hope you'll enjoy it :)