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The most annoying Poser/Daz 'glitch' is when...

  |  11 votes
  • randomly pulls/drags something you select for no reason!

  • refuses to select the HUGE obvious thing right in front of you!

  • ...a dial magically turns slower if you're not looking directly at it!

  • render a closeup of the floor that was invisible in preview!

  • ...smoothing polygons turns metal bars into funhouse balloons!

  • add a prop and it sneakily hides somewhere just for lulz!

  • position a rope/chain/etc then realise it bends the OTHER way!

  • turn a prop 90 degrees and suddenly it only turns on two axis!

  • load a prop and it then asks you to locate a nonexistent file!

  • tell it NOT to look for more missing files and it does anyway!

Weird to submit two polls at once, but I really would l...

  |  123 votes
  • Carry on from the end of "The Oblivion Struggle"?
  • Carry on from the end of "Prisoner Transfer"? (i.e. superheroine misadventures)
  • Publish another Rouge-inspired story?
  • Publish something new set in the Space Ditz universe?
  • Continue something else in the gallery? (comment with info please)
  • Try something new? (comment with info please)

Belling the Cat is complete! So umm, what did you like ...

  |  138 votes
  • The opening scenes building up to the fight
  • Vex versus the security drones
  • Vex being enslaved by Mason
  • Vex being prepped for processing
  • Vex in the Stack
  • The first-person "debriefing"
  • Purge! PURGE! (plus Vex being abandoned by Amber)
  • Genebank drone Vex's first person installation
  • Vex being reduced to a mindless genebank
  • Rouge's new Vex daughter army

The Oblivion Struggle Bus finally found a parking space...

  |  199 votes
  • Mkono being converted by Huntress Tal'Sia
  • Mkono being droned by Shaper Vulna
  • Victoria in spaaaaaace
  • Victoria being droned by Doctor Lo'Ola (including the imaginary battle)
  • Eidolon being formatted by a random Enthasan Queen
  • Imo'En being converted by Shaper Vulna
  • Program Vee being 'droned' virtually by Tee One (i.e. the epilogue section)
  • The opening confrontation/battle with Mkono
  • Some other specific part not covered above (feel free to comment!)
  • A specific image in the story (feel free to comment!)

What would you like to see happen most during "The Obli...

  |  174 votes
  • Victoria escapes
  • Victoria gets enslaved/converted (again)
  • Mkono defeats the Enthasa
  • Mkono gets enslaved/converted
  • Victoria gets the Oblivion Glove and defeats the Enthasa
  • Something bad happens to Imo'En
  • Something bad happens to Tal'Sia
  • Both Victoria and Mkono get enslaved/converted
  • Victoria and Mkono team up
  • Victoria and Mkono fight each other