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Do any other artists/creators get a bit freaked out when they publish a comic or series of images, only to find that some pictures are far more viewed than others?

It bothers me when I produce a sequence, and for no obvious reason some images are viewed 1,000 times whilst others only 600 times. Sometimes there are clear explanations (people might view the final or first image more, and can skip over some images that don't look as interesting from the thumbnail, etc) but mostly not so much.
Well well well. I forgot this second volume was even coming out this year, what with all the crazy delays to Volume One and then further issues with this follow-up.

I discovered this by accident, but am glad I did!

No *major* spoliers, but here's a few key points I think DA folks will be interested to know:

- Great depiction of Amazonian mind control, further emphasising the original (and in my opinion, TRUE) protrayal of Wonder Woman and the Amazons. Hippolyta is a blatant dominatrix in this book, and the Amazons even have a nice little 'Improvement Island' for 're-educating' captured women who (weirdly) are resistant to wantonly surrendering their minds and bodies to Hippolyta's control. Oh my.

- A further, 'slower burn' scene of Wondie herself being subject to very subtle but continuous mind control, culminating in a full blown trancing and mental re-writing scene (wowza). I say 'slower', because what I want to write is 'slow burn' but the whole story moves along at such a ridiculously fast pace that 'slow' just gives the wrong impression.

- Some depictions of attempted/failed resistance against said mind control.

- Lots of great artwork, particularly stupified facial expressions, accompanying the fun plot points.


Don't get your hopes up too much. The story, taken as a whole, is a definite letdown. The pace is way too fast, with no room for individual scenes or plot threads to develop. It all seems very rushed, with action lacking much true story so that the result is just "this happens, then that happens, then this happens, then..." etc. Characters make reference to past events as if they happened or have been happening for ages, when said events only just occurred on the previous page. The whole thing would have been served far better with a string of 12+ issues.

If I were to speculate, I'd say Morrison originally wrote a story that was at least 50% longer and even more laden with sexy mind control than the final product, but this was heavily cut down due to a combination of artwork and time constraints, plus fears that mainstream readers (far more numeerable now, following the movie) would be shocked and appalled. Volume One already has a lot of detractors due to just barely touching on the whole 'loving submission' theme.

I think the story, in addition to possessing a lot more connective tissue to add weight and breathing space between the scenes, may have even originally included Wonder Woman properly turning 'evil' and getting controlled for a longer period of time before ultimately coming back to her senses. Everything in the first act feels like it's building up to this, only for the manipulation to have almost no payoff (awwwwwwe!). There's also a lot of politics running through the book (aka prepare your eyeballs for lots of rolling!) however I will add that it never seems to commit fully to any particular ideology, almost like people involved in creating the story were themselves at odds with each other (I think that makes sense, given Morrison is the writer). It's almost like Morrison wanted the book to subvert/mock progressive ideas and then had to compromise with a group of angry editors, hitting a fair balance overall.

Unfortunately, this 'balance' also means that some of the biggest questions/metaphors in the story remain completely unresolved - it feels like the heart of the book was going to be a comparison between what Hippolyta stood for, versus what the villain stood for, with the obvious conclusion being that both were in the wrong and Diana needed to realise that freedom is more important than forcing people to follow a mandated ideal, no matter how well-intentioned that ideal is. In the end though, nothing really comes from this main thread and the book ends with the promise "to be concluded", after rushing its own ending and not even really setting anything interesting up to build expectations for more.

An 'evil' Wonder Woman, still under the influence of the bad guys whilst taking over the throne of Themiscyra, would have been a great cliffhanger ending. But what we actually get is a much more diluted and mundane version of that.

Still, the Paquette artwork is awesome, and very much does the mind control scenes justice. :)
HUGE sale over at Daz3D at the moment, 70% off a bunch of cool stuff! :)
So I've received a few kind messages of support here following my apprehension by Elastigirl and subsequent temporary incarceration. This is just to confirm that I'm doing fine and should be released in a matter of weeks so long as I keep up the good behaviour.

Also: Curses! My geniuns scheme almost worked!


The story ends on a cliffhanger, with Harley about to have her memories, her personality, even her very self...erased! (pretty much exactly what the villain says)

Issue #47 is titled "Who Am I Again?", so it's not a bait-and-switch :)

Sounds like it's gonna be very interesting! XD
Does anyone know how people add the links when posting images, so that "previous" and "next" images are shown and clickable underneath?

Asking for a friend... XD
I finished writing the dialogue for all but the last 3-4 images, so can now get back to daily groups of image uploads from Monday onwards :D

It actually makes sense to have had a pause, since the story skips a little time as well.
No new images today. I had been ambitious and aimed to publish the next 20 in about an hour from now, but after six hours of work on the render files my paint programme decided it would be a really funny joke to crash and cost me all the progress I had made throghout the entire day.

Autosaved backup files? What are those? PSPX9 has no idea, it interrupted me every 15 minutes with a prolonged freeze in order to 'autosave' each one of the 20 images I was working on simultaneously, but then after it crashed nothing could be restored. I even went into the folder where it supposedly saved the images and there was nothing in there but corrupted temp files.

So there goes the next 20 images, I'm now back to the raw rendered versions and will need to start again tomorrow with getting them up to standard with text and speech bubbles, proper colouring and effects, etc all added again.

The most hilarious thing was that after the programme crashed and closed itself, it generated an auto-pop-up window trying to sell me the next version of itself. "Hey! Did you enjoy losing four hours of painstaking image postwork? Well maybe you'd like to purchase more programs by Corel!"

Well actually, probably even more hilarious was the fact that it waited until exactly 99% of all the work was done on each image before crashing. I was literally just about to manually save a draft of each file because I knew it had been ages and didn't fully trust the autosave feature, so the program knew it was now or never if it wanted to ruin my weekend and destroy every one of today's planned pictures.

Sigh. It's fine really. I still have the orignal copy of each image, plus all the dialogue for the speech bubbles, and I know exactly what needs to be done for them all. Plus there wasn't anything crazy I'd created for any of the images as part of the postwork - no unique freehand drawing or special effects that it will be a nightmare to recreate. Oh well. I think I'll just go back to doing half a dozen at a time so Corel doesn't have an excuse to die on me again.
I knew it! I knew that pervy pretender David Cage wouldn't let me down! :D :D :D

Check out the chapter: "Zlatko", from the new game that was released today. I'm sure there are already videos of it up on Youtube if you don't wanna buy the (admittedly terrible overall) game for yourself.

OMG. Full memory wipe, reset and obedience reprogramming, experienced in first person by the player character, plus deformed experimented-on android/gynoid shenanigans.

Go team Zlatko! :)
Just mentioning that the new book, Wonder Woman: Warbringer is awesome and everyone should read it. For the most part I was enjoying it as both a regular novel and great Wonder Woman story, but then right near the end out of nowhere comes an astonishing set piece of dark squick as a surprise bonus.

Anyone who enjoys the kind of peril scenes depicted on DA, especially ones involving Wonder Woman, should give the book a try. 
I don't think Bethesda understands how to write choices any more.

Today I finally found some time to play through the final DLC for Fallout 4, "Nuka World". The experience was surprisingly short. Still useful for game writing research purposes I guess.

Dollmistress, aka psychopathic monster person, aka Institute Director and controller of all synths wandered carelessly into a monorail station and shot a wounded man laying around inside. She was then invited to an awesome-sounding theme park, only to be tricked and forced into a strange deathmaze of badness by a bunch of uppity evil raider people who thought it would be fun to amuse themselves by irritating Dollmistress. Kinda like poking a shark with a large piece of raw meat that you fondly refer to as "my limb".

Strangely, after witnessing their silent, very intense-looking "victim" survive their maze and defeat their leader in a bipedal bumper car battle, the raiders then saw fit to proclaim Dollmistress their new overlady. A very brave raider named Gage then decided everyone was cool with everyone else, and so unlocked the only remaining door standing between Dollmistress and the large population inhabiting the theme park beyond.

Gage was dead before the door's key was back in his pocket.

One hour later, everything inside the theme park was dead. Well, except those few pesky immortal quest characters.

Raiders, traders, dogs, deer, even a few ants. Oh, except Dollmistress left the resident cat alone, because cats are nice and didn't have anything to do with setting up the annoying deathmaze.

Thus followed a bit of exploration, a fun roller coaster ride, then finally a confused and disappointed return trip home on the monorail.

Hmm. I thought this expansion was supposed to be really large and full of engaging quests and choices? Did I miss something? What happened to all the content? O.o
Thanks again to everyone for the fun votes and encouraging comments over the past week while I was producing the "Interactive Processing" image story.

Note that since finishing that story I've been slowly going back over older material - mostly just to update the names of files to their original titles (i.e. back before they were uploaded to DA), but in a few cases I'll be doing something more. The main change so far has been to add the text of the original "Space Story" back to each individual picture, instead of just having it thrown in at the end under the final/50th image. Just for those who were wondering how each line of the text fitted with the image series as it progressed.

I'll spend a few more days updating image names and possibly adding more text/comments, but won't be doing anything drastic like removing any images.

Felis Catus – Patch Notes v1.04 (Update Week 4):

  • Optical sense now implemented (thank you for your patience!) – the development team will continue upgrading this sense over the coming weeks until it meets a standard on par with moderators.
  • Auditory sense also implemented – apologies for the prior downtime while drivers were fully optimised in preparation for launching this feature.
  • Temperature regulation fixed, this should now be working as intended in all cases.
  • Waste management fixed (basics now in place, moderator interaction no longer required, location-specific disposal now being implemented asap).
  • Antibodies implemented – disease hazards have been significantly nerfed and player resistances/defence buffed in all cases.
  • The fluid requirement miscalculation introduced in v1.01 has now been fixed. Required fluid quantities should now be set at a far more reasonable level for all players.
  • Strength and speed have been buffed to more desirable levels. Values will continue to rise over time as players gain experience.
  • Movement beyond the starting zone should now be possible for all players.
  • PvE now fully implemented – player armament can now damage the fully-destructible environment. Note that some attack actions will cause neutral NPCs (e.g. Homo Sapiens) to become hostile.
  • Limited friendly-style PvP is now permissible both in and out of the starting zone.
  • To prevent unintended damage, players can now de-equip weapons during combat. Doing so replaces all ‘strike’ attacks with ‘bat’.
  • Players can engage in “play”, “stalking” and “hunting” mini games, as practice for open world PvP and missions after full release. These activities can be played in teams or solo. Players should consult moderators regarding the rules of each activity (with the exception of the default free-for-all “play” activity, which has no set rules).
  • Appearance management and self-grooming skill paths are now available – these skills need to be trained via observing moderators. Following negative feedback, appearance upkeep should no longer require external grooming and/or water supply in most cases.
  • Basic Avifauna and Mus musculus neutral NPCs can now be found outside the starting zone, along with friendly Canis familiaris NPCs, Homo Sapiens NPCs, and ‘objects’.
  • Following overwhelming negative feedback, player vehicles/carriers will (from now on) only be used sparingly.
  • New mechanic: ‘curiosity’ – players are now compelled to explore areas outside the starting zone, particularly small and/or dark terrain, for bonus experience.
  • Minimum size limits for entering small spaces have been significantly reduced – the whiskers HUD now acts as an indicator for these refined limits.
  • The development team agrees with recent feedback that the curiosity mechanic necessitates more than one re-spawn per player. However, twenty-five re-spawns per player was deemed excessive and thus a compromise has been implemented that the dev team believes is reasonable. Players should now be able to re-spawn eight times, for a total of nine spawns.
  • Attention spans were deemed overpowered and have therefore been heavily nerfed. Distractions will now present a greater challenge to all players and moderators.
  • Pounce attacks were grossly overpowered. Activation times have been increased and players are now required to enter the “focused wiggle” stance before pouncing (this stance can be cancelled at any time).
  • Periodic resting requirements have been increased.
  • Maximum jump/pounce distances have been increased (again!).
  • Territories and control zones are now reset (apologies for any inconvenience caused).
  • Adorableness and Cuteness now decay (very slightly) over time to re-balance PvP encounters between new and veteran players, with the former benefiting from a significant bonus.


Known Issues List for 1.04:

  • During testing, the curiosity mechanic often led to players spending inordinately large periods of time in or around ‘box’ objects (particularly cardboard types, regardless of size). A fix for this bug is in progress, but may not be possible. Players are advised to implement the workaround previously proposed to combat this bug (i.e. try to ignore the boxes) if effects are deemed undesirable.
  • Teeth mechanics remain basic – these will be replaced by a more robust version matching moderators in patch 1.06.
  • Eye appearance options are not yet implemented – players won’t yet be able to switch from the default blue until patch 1.05 is launched (which should allow for one-time-only customisation from blue to gold, orange, green, etc). Note that a small percentage of players will not be able to customise eyes at all due to class designation and/or build type.
  • Player contact with Nepeta cataria and its derivatives will trigger randomised environmental settings and illusory sensory input for short periods of time. Due to positive player feedback, this issue will be permitted to remain in the game.
  • Voice commands remain basic – an emergency fix was attempted, however this simply introduced inexplicable sub-vocal oscillation triggered by raising the satisfaction stat sharply. Commands remain limited to “mew”, “meow” and “murr”, with “hssssss!” and “mwwr!” unlockable during PvP encounters. There are no timescales available for further additions.
  • The landing animation exploit has not been removed. Since the underlying bug has created an equal benefit to all players, it has been decided that this exploit will be permitted to stand (no pun intended). Players are warned that this animation bug will not activate below a certain distance, and in extreme cases will only prevent full HP loss in SOME cases.
  • The dev team is aware that many neutral NPCs and even some friendly NPCs (e.g. Canis familiaris) unintentionally appear hostile to most players, resulting in excessively numerous PvP encounters. Players are advised that experience gain in close proximity to such NPCs will fix this in most cases.
  • The “defeat one Mus musculus and return it to a Homo Sapiens” quest does not always result in positive rewards. This is working as intended.
  • There is no “defeat your exact duplicate behind the invisible wall!” quest. Players should ignore NPCs offering this ‘quest’ while near reflective surfaces.
  • Homo Sapiens NPCs may not behave as players expect/demand – this is working as intended, with resource and attention provision partially randomised. Player vocalisation and harassment attacks can mitigate this randomisation, though results may not always be positive.
  • The dev team is aware that the “focused wiggle” pounce stance can trigger randomly under some circumstances. A fix is being investigated.
  • Players should be aware that early-game skill choices (e.g. experience dedicated to learning appearance management and mini game activities) will significantly impact mid- and end-game builds.
  • Moderator supervision will remain in place across the entire game server until patch 1.10 is implemented.
  • Full release remains eleven months away, at which point full PvP, optimised builds and moderator-free roaming will all be introduced.
This linked version fixes a couple more typos and adjusts how examining the detention room cells affects your stats. Nothing major :)…
Following yesterday's release a couple of minor bugs have been identified in the two games I published. Today's updated versions fix those bugs:

Space Ditz:…

Miss Adventure "ADU":…

None of the problems found were game-breaking:

Space Ditz:

- A text formatting error in one sentence

- An error with healing items changing the player's portrait temporarily to the wrong appearance (no effect besides the wrong pic appearing until you examine yourself)

- The Raw Domination item was reporting the number of Psy Boster heals the player has left, instead of the number of Raw Dom heals (minor annoyance as it meant you couldn't tell exactly how many Raw Doms you had left)

Miss Adventure "ADU":

- A text formatting error in one paragraph (bolded text failed to appear properly)

- A stubborn conditional that wasn't reading the player's choice properly (had no significant impact on gameplay). Or maybe it wasn't, but I updated the code to be safe.

- At the end of the secret match, the opponent briefly vanishes in protest if Sonja wins. This is now fixed.

Players should grab the updated copies, but there's no need to restart either game if you're already midway through since the bugs weren't very serious. Fortunately ADU isn't really a "deep" game in terms of forward progress, so no loss at all there.
Hi all!

As promised ages back, here is a revamped/updated version of my 2009 RAGs game, "Space Ditz":…

Update notes:

- Many typos corrected (thank you to those people who went through the entire original game and emailed me lists of corrections!)
- Several minor longstanding bugs/errors corrected (I found a couple of enemies that were doing more damage than intended)
- Text colors added for speech/combat/important feedback
- Image updates - player, Celine, main ending, additional content
- Standardised player stats
- Healing items system updated
- Combat stats/heal drop rates adjusted
- Stage maps added
- Location searching added
- Enhancement Modules/Fabrication Station system added
- Will/Tech tests now 'skippable' via use of Enhancers
- Medical Computer lockout can now be overcome
- Extended/branching bad ending
- New optional encounter and related rewards/bad ending
- Additional sub-adventure and bad ending
- Sleep Cycler code entry system added (two secret codes possible atm)

AND, here is a link to my Miss Adventure "All Dolled Up" spinoff game, released to Patreon supporters last year:…

(Thanks again to "TheHandsThatLead" and their Mind Control story concept "Bimbo Or Billionaire" for the inspiration behind the All Dolled Up game system).

As promised, I've completed the 1.24 update for Miss Adventure!

Version 1.24 fixes all the typos identified over the past two months in earlier versions, repairs all the bugs found, plus adds a short side-adventure involving someone named Kerri (commissioned by one of my Patrons, awesome).

When I say this version of the game is final, what I mean is in terms of content. If anyone finds further serious bugs I'll still upload fixes as and when needed.

You can download the game here:…

Miss Adventure FAQ - (version 1.0, July 8th 2015)


How do I play this game?

Miss Adventure is a RAGs format game. In order to play, you need to download and install the “RAGS Suite” via the RAGs website, then open the game using the RAGs player tool. It’s a very simple process (and no, RAGs isn’t a virus.)


Help, the game isn’t working/opening!

Make sure you are using RAGs version 2.4.16. If the game still doesn’t open, try re-downloading it and checking with other players on forums to see whether the problem is just a matter of you downloading a ‘bad’ or corrupted copy of the game.


What version of the game should I be downloading/playing?

As of July 13th, 1.22K is the latest release. This version 1.22K fixes the following bugs:
Several typos, especially those in multiple places such as Doc being useless at helping you level and the Stone Panel getting its letters mixed up.
Some continuity errors in what some characters say at various points
The Dumbbell trophy now appears in the Display Cabinet after successfully completing "Dammit Gym"
The Stone of Entaru is now a little more resistant to being pushed around if you have already dropped it off at YamaSho's
The Stone Panel has been slightly re-worked, with typos and warnings fixed
Some broken Rep titles are now fixed
Sonja is now warned of being locked out of the best ending when about to "Study the News"
Relaxing at the Beach in regular clothes should FINALLY do something special on rare occasions. Darn Nymphs!
Known issues: I expect there will still be some circumstances where cross-playing multiple Adventures at once will result in bugs (e.g. special items being taken from you).

1.22J, 1.22H, 1.22F, 1.22D, 1.22A or 1.22 also work, except for a few situational bugs. 1.22J fixes a longstanding bug that I wasn't aware of until now - the TabLabs job enslavement event wasn't completing properly, the "fade..." command simply looped rather than moving the scene forward to its proper conclusion.
1.22J also fixes a bug with the "Floating Drone" enemy sometimes not being able to defeat Sonja, plus Gorgona should now still interact with Sonja after her related Adventure is completed and the messages when you name your pets have been corrected.


Where can I find the game file and discuss playing it?

You can discuss the game and share questions/answers/opinions/rants at: The Hypnopics Collective,, and via Patreon posts.


The game is huge! How did this happen?

Miss Adventure contains several short videos and music files, plus over 900 jpeg images. The multimedia content is what makes it so big. Other players may re-post it elsewhere in smaller packages for easier downloading, but for now just bear with me during these early days of release.


Something weird happened after I got a gameover and reloaded the game. The wrong music/image/variable values led to a bug occurring!

This is common to all RAGs games. After receiving a gameover, the best thing to do is close the game and then re-open it, loading your most recent/preferred save point. Sometimes loading a save right after getting a gameover without closing RAGs first will cause issues with music/images or ‘lock’ certain variables (e.g. numerical D6 dice rolls) at a fixed value, negatively impacting further gameplay.


Are the loading/saving times really long, like they were with Overseer?

No. You can tell how long a game will take to save/load from the size of the save file it generates. Miss Adventure’s file is only around 10MB, which loads in a matter of a few seconds. RAGs game loading/saving times are a factor of how many Actions/Conditions are built into Items, and Miss Adventure is relatively ‘light’ in that regard.

p.s. The loading/saving times of Overseer were halved a few months after the initial release, thanks to a detailed investigation into the cause of the problem.


Weird. My game is taking ages to save/load!

RAGs is a bit greedy with computer resources. After playing for a long period of time, you may find the game slows down and loading/saving takes longer.


Argh! I got a gameover and I hadn’t saved for hours!

Oh dear. Please try to save the game fairly often. If for no other reason, you may want to go back sometime and explore other choices or discover what might have happened if you lost a fight instead of winning. As a general rule, save the game before embarking on an Adventure section, especially at the point where a Search has opened up an Action such as “Infiltrate the base”. Also save before every couple or few Patrols, in case you come up against a very strong random enemy.

The safest way to play the game at this time (i.e. when it is still being tested for bugs) is to build up your money and heroic experience, advance to the highest level, and THEN approach all the Adventures you’ve found clues for. This will allow you to avoid any Adventures that turn out to feature bugs, without needing to play through all the Patrol/Career/purchasing aspects of the game again.


I found a bug!

Please report it so I can try to replicate and fix it!


I got stuck and I think it’s because of a bug!

Don’t panic just yet. This might be because you aren’t playing the game using RAGs 2.4.16. It may also be something as simple as you clicking through the PAUSE button multiple times too quickly, which can sometimes confuse the RAGs engine. If neither of these apply, please simply post a question on one of the forums or send me a message and I’ll look into the problem. At this early stage the main thing to check is whether others experience the same issue. If so, then I’ll replicate it myself, check the code to find the source of the problem, fix it, then release an update.

This is also why I advise you save often and start by getting yourself into a strong position within the life sim/hero level aspects of the game, before embarking on Adventures. Adventures will be the most likely thing to feature bugs.


I found a typo!

Please let me know so I can improve the game!


I’m completely lost, what do I do?

Miss Adventure features several core game mechanics to explore. These include:

A basic ‘life sim’ – wake up, get a job, go to work, get promoted, earn money, eat, sleep and shower, explore the town around you and purchase household goods/outfits. Fall victim to peril, and end your days like most of the other luckless denizens of Replis City!

A hero system – become a ’Virago’ and patrol the Slums for evil-doers, earning experience points and levelling up with the help of your mentor.

An Adventure system (aka quests) – find Clues, investigate them with the help of Locations/Items/Characters, then solve puzzles and win battles at special Adventure locations to reduce the town’s CRIME rate. Try not to play through multiple Adventures at once unless you are deliberately looking for bugs, as there may be a few conflicts that impair gameplay.

A core storyline – completing multiple Adventures and levelling up will help Sonja gain experience. The Adventures will eventually form a branching story with a true conclusion, though which conclusion you reach will depend on how many Adventures you complete and what other activities you have engaged in before embarking on the final one. Most Adventures are optional, very few are mandatory in order to complete the game’s story.

Some mini games – Miss Adventure features several fun mini games. The most obvious is the ‘dating’ game, but there are others that you may want to create a save file for just so you can play them again later. A couple even appear *after* you effectively lose the game! You’ll know what they are when you find them...

A Rep system – achieving certain goals earns you Rep titles. This means if you do something impressive like complete a certain Adventure, your Rep stat will change. Keep a record of all the Rep titles you earn – you can input these into an Item back at Sonja’s home to unlock a huge range of effects and rewards. Most of the time, discovering a gameover will earn you a Rep title just before the game ends, so look out for these. There are well over 150 different Rep titles in the game, and the most difficult ones to find can unlock very special rewards such as cheat devices, shortcuts to specific in-game content and even new mini-Adventures!

In-game Help files – Sonja’s home computer is loaded with a very large collection of help file Items that delve into the lore of the game whilst provide humorous tips for progressing. There’s even a map of Replis City in there!

Meh, I’m bored - if all else fails, just visit the Salon and ask for a makeover. The staff will know exactly what to do!


Do my choices matter?

Besides making the difference between earning yourself a gameover or not, certain choices in the game will have a significant impact on the final conclusion. Completing some Adventures before others will also change how the later Adventures play out. In at least one case, an Adventure cannot be completed with the best possible ending unless you’ve already completed one that unlocks at an earlier level.


Errmehgerd! I’ve just realised that X is X, Y was Y all along and Z is in this game!

Shush, don’t spoil the best bits of the game for other players. You probably haven’t even realised that W isn’t W, either!


How do I go to work?

The ground floor hallway of your home features an Action for doing this, regardless of which job you have.


How do I Patrol?

Visit the Slums Location, and follow the guidance there and/or at the home computer. Patrolling is performed once per day. To simplify how it works: you confirm that you want to begin patrolling, you try to wade through as many enemies as you dare, then you confirm that you want to stop patrolling. You can only stop at the end of a battle though, so don’t overstretch yourself!


Okay, but how do I actually fight? It’s all confusing!

During Patrol battles, an enemy will appear and begin trying to hit you once every few seconds of real time. While this is happening, you need to respond by finding the Attack Action. It could be on the Location portrait, the player portrait, or the enemy’s name. Combat is therefore a bit like whack-a-mole, you need to stay alert and react quickly to minimise the damage enemies do to you.

At the end of each battle, Sonja will naturally take a little ‘damage’ even if the enemy didn’t get a chance to throw a single punch. This is to prevent players from battling indefinitely, and adds to the tension!

During non-Patrol battles, the Patrol battle formula is deliberately toyed with in various ways. There may be multiple enemies, a specific trick to winning, more places where the Attack Action appears, or even fake Attack Actions that will actually hurt Sonja instead! Watch the battle messages carefully and pay attention to dialogue leading up to a battle, these will provide obvious hints on how to win a given fight (assuming you want to win of course).


How do I switch off the annoying music?

The “Emergency Services” Item in the Bedroom Location can be used to switch off the ambient music and some of the sound effects. It won’t switch everything off though, sometimes a sound will still play now and then.


Help! I lost an Item!

The Department Store Location at the Mall features a tool for recovering lost Items, for a small fee. This service doesn’t cover most ‘quest items’ though, which is why it isn’t advisable to mix up Adventures or be caught by the police while in the middle of an Adventure. Be careful!


Help! Some of my Items became invisible when I went into an Adventure location!

This is deliberate, it prevents you from accidentally breaking the game by using/wearing/removing regular Items while in the middle of an Adventure. Doing so would take Time, which could lead to you fainting and being rushed to hospital, an event that would very likely break your current Adventure.


Help! My items were dumped in a Location and now all say Drop instead of Take!

This is a deliberate design choice, but shouldn’t occur very often. Since the game doesn’t always know what you’re carrying, if you are stripped of your Items they are usually returned in a heap to the ground floor hallway Location, with their Take/Drop commands left as if you were still carrying them. Simply Drop the Items sitting in the room and then Take them back again, to reset them and  fix this issue.


The game said I earned money, but I don’t see it?

You probably received the money directly into your bank account, instead of Cash.


I won a patrol, but because of the Live Timer battle system, I sort of also lost as well. There’s now a “...” Action stuck on my player portrait!

This is a consequence of the RAGs game engine itself. There is an ‘Emergency Services’ Item in Sonja’s bedroom that can remove the offending Action.


How many ‘special patrols’ are there?

The game features two of these, so if you’ve found both then don’t spend years trying to find more.


I keep finding the same Clue over and over again!

Don’t panic. The Chief of police can help you unlock missing Clues after a certain point in the game, for a small fee.


Argh! My poor mentor was captured!

That’s alright, you’ll be able to rescue her later if you really want to. Or maybe you don’t want to. It’s all good.


No fair! I spent ages winning money at the Casino and then some NPCs dragged me away for a gameover!

There is a limit on the amount of $$$ you can win at the Casino within a set amount of time. It is quite high, but has been put in place to prevent ‘save scum’ profiteering. To compensate for the shock of discovering the Casino gameover, the resulting bad end is particularly long and involved.


Hey, you said there were extra gameover scenes at the Library, Cinema, Theatre, Gym, etc!

A small number of additional gameover scenes unlock after you complete the ‘The Menace’ Adventure. This is because it is a pivotal point in Sonja’s story and completing it sets up the grand finale.

p.s. Keep your eyes open when Relaxing at the Beach in your regular outfit, you may discover an even more secret occurrence!


Hey, you said there were ‘Cheat Devices’ in the game!

There are! These can be unlocked on a subsequent playthrough (or saved game) after you’ve earned some of the more impressive Rep titles (e.g. one that you receive completing the entire game). Simply input the Rep title into the Reputacitron Item and see what happens!


This game needs a sandbox mode without the repetitive schedule!

See the above note on Cheat Devices. Essentially there is a ‘sandbox’ mode, it’s just slightly time-gated. At some point soon the hardcore audience will complete the game, unlock the really valuable Rep titles, and let other people know what they are. This will allow more casual players to work through the game with one or more cheats in effect. I think this is fair and makes the game accessible to a broader spectrum of player types.


Help! I tried every branching path on a certain Adventure and they all led to gameovers!

There is one Adventure in the game where this is integral to the story and Sonja's (admittedly limited) character development. I won't spoil things, but it involves Goldstein Inc. To get through this Adventure, you will need to grab a Lancelot Item, which will rescue you when necessary. The Lancelot can also be used in a limited number of other situation to rescue you from certain doom. Usually when there are no other escape routes, but you should not take this for granted!

The Lancelot can also be un-installed at the Gadget shop, for those players who actually want to explore a given gameover.


No fair! I followed a branch of the story and every choice led to a gameover!

Sorry. Sometimes life isn’t fair, and on occasion Sonja will learn this the hard way. Remember, the game is about finding each of the 60+ fun ways of losing.

p.s. It’s always a bad sign if things get so dangerous that even Entaru abandons you, so watch out!


I played through the entire game and got a lame bad ending. What did I miss?

Probably quite a lot. Earning the ‘best’ ending requires preparation. You should think about all the good you can do in Replis City and try to work through it all. Alternatively, maybe you just want to be as evil as possible and see what ending that earns you?


I lost a fight and was thrown into a very confusing bad ending involving stuff that wasn’t related to the main game!

Aha. Well, maybe you’ll understand the context more by the time you complete the entire game.


What the heck does the CRIME stat do, anyway?

CRIME does effect more than one key encounter in the game, but it will probably take some time before you discover what those are. You don’t win the game just by reducing CRIME to zero.


Heh, I saw what you did there. You quoted X, and then you referenced Y!

Well done. There are lots of fairly obscure and arguably humourous references throughout the game. Even cameos from other games and stories.


Yuck, I got a bad ending that I really didn’t like. I’m not into that kinda stuff weirdo!

Oh. Well, lots of people who play the game are. More importantly, this game includes a vast range of bad endings, even a couple of good ones (!), so keep exploring and I’m sure you’ll find something you like eventually.


Something in the plot didn’t make sense! Sonja or a random NPC acted like something I did never happened, then a character I already defeated reappeared out of nowhere!

Aha. Well, without giving too much away there is an in-game explanation (aka hand-wave, aka blatant excuse) for why this sometime happens. Sonja is at least partially what’s known in the trade as an ‘unreliable narrator’, not everything in Replis City is as it first seems.

Bearing this in mind, if you think you’ve found a genuine plot hole (e.g. Sonja or another character appearing to know something they couldn’t possibly know yet, or knowing it and then strangely forgetting it later during an Adventure) then feel free to let me know. It took a long time to write all the dialogue/narration for the game and I may have slipped up once or twice, getting the story progression twisted slightly. Most inconsistencies are deliberate, but a few might not be.


Wow, I got into a fight during an Adventure and it was ridiculously hard/easy!

Sorry about that. Unlike the Patrols, there hasn’t really been much playtesting of the Adventure battles, so perfect balance is unlikely. Remember that almost every Adventure battle is also a puzzle, with sneaky winning conditions you will need to work out for yourself. If you really do get completely stuck, try loading an earlier saved game and building up your Morale, Virago level and buying up all the combat buff/healing equipment. After a certain point, most enemies will barely be able to hit you, and the real challenge will be trying to LOSE a battle, rather than struggling to win.

Remember, the point of this game is to discover and explore all the fun bad endings, not min-maxing so you can ‘win’ as quickly as possible.

Yes, there is at least one battle in the game that simply cannot be won without first having met certain other conditions. No, it’s not the final battle, there’s a ‘trick’ to that one. I’m sure players will find and discuss the battle I’m talking about after a while, and then someone will post the important prerequisite.


I found a clue named “Dollhouse”. Is this the final Adventure in the game?

Yes. Before embarking on this Adventure, you should definitely save the game and probably complete a lot of the earlier content first. The outcome of this Adventure relies on whether and HOW you have completed other tasks.


I heard someone found a game-breaking bug. Is it worth playing this version of the game or shall I wait for a fixed version?

First of all – sorry! I’m only one person, and the game is massive. Therefore, during these early days of open beta there may very well still be a serious bug that might prevent progress after a certain point. I have tested all the Adventures form beginning to end though, so there should always be at least one successful path through the whole game

Secondly, due to the way RAGs games work, you won’t be able to use your existing save file on an updated version of the game. This is the main reason I didn’t release the game in instalments, forcing players to retread the same ground over and over.

To answer your question  - well, that depends. Since most Adventures link together in a non-linear way, there is probably still a huge amount of content you can play through in the ‘broken’ version. However, if the bug impacts one of the mandatory Adventures (especially the final one) then yeah, you may want to hold off committing to levelling all the way up and buying all the possible household Items until after the fixed game is published. Once again, remember that the main point of Miss Adventure is exploring all the fun bad endings, and there will still be plenty of those to create a saved game for in a broken version of the game!


Will you be expanding the game in the future?

Maybe. I think the game is already quite huge and don’t want to make it impossible for people to download. If I add to the game it will probably be via separate ‘modules’ - distinct game files in their own right where you can follow Sonja on a tangential Adventure that doesn’t impact the main storyline. Like a train journey, if that darn station ever starts running again!


Will you be making more games in the future?

I’ll be taking a short break to make sure Miss Adventure is working properly, then I plan to revamp Space Ditz, possibly review/revise Overseer, and finally move on to expanding this game and/or developing the ‘Action Game’ prototype I created back in 2013. I may also produce artwork related to this game over at Deviantart (and if not, I’ll just be producing something else in the same vein anyhow, so you’ll probably still be interested).

Another thing I may do is expand one or more of the mini games in Miss Adventure into a full game. There are at least two that are begging to be built up into something more comprehensive, but I’ll wait for player feedback first.


This game is awesome, how do I support you making more?!

Thanks! I do have a Patreon account, located at:…

The game is free and donating is completely optional. I’ll probably just spend all the money on Soul Salves anyway.


I noticed something in the game that might not be appropriate for Patreon

Please tell me about this and I’ll make the necessary changes right away. I believe the content is within the acceptable guidelines, but if not just say so and I’ll release an amended file by the end of the same day.

I haz a Patreon account. Now I shall hold my game to ransom until people gimme moneh! Moneh!…

Or, you know. Maybe I'll just post a link to the finished game here and then shuffle away politely...…
It's way too hot here in the UK. One of my laptops died from overheating (luckily not one that has anything of Miss Adventure on it!) and I couldn't get much done.

Well, except for yet again adding a new scene. I really nee to stop doing that :3

Or that's what I would be saying if not for one important wrangle. There is one location remaining in the game that doesn't have at least some kind of peril/bad ending associated with it. That location is: the Library. It's used in the plot, but there's no booby trap for it like there is for everywhere else.

If anyone has suggestions for what sort of mischief could occur at the Library then feel free to comment here with ideas. I'll use the best one (IMO of course) to add one last quick ending to the game. If you're familiar with the demo version of the game also feel free to add which bad guy might be involved.

PMs are fine as well as comments. So is saying nothing and just leaving me to add whatever :)

p.s. I've completed the writing for every single ending/battle/post-enslavement sequence in the game. All that's left are the small bridging text sections that link adventures together. Almost there now!