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The Pink Circle Gang




Pink Circle Pampering by Dollmistress

Gillian: It's pretty funny, don't you think?

Mavis: What's funny?

Gillian: Well. She's beaten horrible monsters, space aliens...even Gods, I think? Then gets taken out by little 'ole us.

Ellen: Pshaw. We don't 'take people out', Gilly. We just help them realise their full potential.

Pauline: Yeah, none of that silly violence and confrontation. This is much nicer. Everyone's calm, relaxed and working together to make each other happy.

Gillian: Very true. Oh wow! Careful Ellen!

Ellen: Huh? What?!

Gillian: I think I just saw a spike on the meter! Seriously!

Ellen: Oh shit. What do we do?!

Mavis: Hahahahaha!

Pauline: She's just messing with you Ellen. Ignore her.

Ellen: Oh...heh. I...I knew that...

Mavis: Trust me, newbie. This plush little princess has cashed out of the brains casino. No more spikes for her, it's just nice flat lines and happy blank thoughts from here on out.

Pauline: She's not a princess any more.

Gillian: Awwe, that's kinda sad. Hey! Do we get to dress her up after all this crap dries?

Mavis: I don't expect she'll have much use for clothing in her future, Gilly. Besides, there's nothing on site but our uniforms.

Pauline: Yeah, and she certainly isn't fitting back into her old costume again.

Gillian: I guess you're right. Oh crap! Ellen!

Ellen: Yeah whatever. Fool me once, Gilly.

Gillian: Spoilsport.

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The art is of course amazing as expected from you, but I love the dialgoue here, it makes them seem so much like familar workers how they tease each other.