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Space Story 48

By Dollmistress
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"Good little slave. Now. Erase all data, including the Core Program, then format and reboot to factory defaults. I am not to be your true owner, and you will not need to be anything more than a mannequin until the Proconsul has you reprogrammed to his own design."


"Yes Mistress."
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I love the white dolls too...their bodies are as blank as their eyes and minds.
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I think I like these pure white dolls the most. They are not as... thick as the other ones and the alabaster skin really stands out with their features. I think it would be a interesting story if the mind of the transformed doll was still in there, locked away and still able to see, hear, and feel everything that was happening to them but powerless to control their new life. I would love to see more stories of these beautiful dolls.
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Hm.. I cannot understand that there are not more comments on this series. Mind Control, forced headshave, designation. In my eyes it has a loot of wonderful humiliating stuff and your art is realy beautiful, so I do: Thank you