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The most annoying Poser/Daz 'glitch' is when...

  |  11 votes
  • randomly pulls/drags something you select for no reason!
  • refuses to select the HUGE obvious thing right in front of you!
  • ...a dial magically turns slower if you're not looking directly at it!
  • render a closeup of the floor that was invisible in preview!
  • ...smoothing polygons turns metal bars into funhouse balloons!
  • add a prop and it sneakily hides somewhere just for lulz!
  • position a rope/chain/etc then realise it bends the OTHER way!
  • turn a prop 90 degrees and suddenly it only turns on two axis!
  • load a prop and it then asks you to locate a nonexistent file!
  • tell it NOT to look for more missing files and it does anyway!

Patreon up to shenanigans? by Dollmistress, journal

Working in the Shadows by Dollmistress, journal

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Happy Birthday to You! ;)

Tee hee. Thanks - my birthday isn't today, though. The date shown is just my DeviantArt birthday registration. Old DA showed my real birthday but Eclipse got rid of it. :P

I am happy that you are born anyway, which day does not matter. Interesting would be at which day there could be a chance to get a piece of the birthday cake. ;P

Hi D.M just wondering if you have scrapped RCB or if you are slowly working on it in your villainous lair?

Hope all is good with you and yours.

I've cannibalised a lot of the ideas from the RCB game in various stories over the past few years. The main issue with RCB has been that very few peeps play RAGs games anymore, so sinking hundreds of hours into completing RCB is kind of a big waste of effort that I could instead use to produce comics/images/stories here on DA that will be seen by lots more viewers. Also at this point I wouldn't be happy with the quality of the 1,500 images I produced for RCB, since (I think at least, lol) my art has improved a lot since 2015.

If there was a text/image adventure game creation tool similar to RAGs that produces standalone executables (i.e. not files that require someone to install the RAGs Player) then that would be great and definitely prompt me to rethink making a game.

It also doesn't help that since 2016 I was promoted about 3 times in RL and so my day job now involves running very large business interests that are a 24/7 thing instead of stuff I can just forget about after 5pm or over weekends.

I dunno, maybe one day I'll go back to completing RCB, or one of the many, MANY other half-finished RAGs games I created. You seriously don't want to know how many spreadsheets and files full of rendered character/item/location images I have built up over the years. There's RCB, a college stepford wives type game, a scifi crew management sim, the space ditz action game, a fantasy game, a game based on Rouge, etc etc. Luckily a lot of the concepts and character designs have since appeared in stories here.

To be sure 'tis a shame, I was looking forward to seeing several of the teasers come to fruition, in particular the Vespa conversion and what happened to our heroine when being led away by the Robot and when captured by the combat drones.

Have got to say congrats on the promotions D.M really chuffed for you and if you ever do get round to getting another game off the ground, especially with the ones you have listed, I will on it like a tramp on chips.

Thank you for the reply, I have always enjoyed your work and yes it is getting alot better though to be fair it wasn't half bad to begin with, well I certainly enjoyed it.

Would you consider making the images for RCB available to your Patreon subs?

Oh and I'm replaying Miss Addventure as I type.

Take care and happy chrimbo.

Just dropping by to say I love your work, updates from you are one of the thing I most looking forward to when browsing DA! It just pushes all the right buttons for me. <3