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Sat Oct 27, 2018, 8:46 PM

Mini Teapot + Teacups Divider by UsagiPinku

Tini Yellow Rose by King-Lulu-Deerwhat programs do you use to _____? 
-I use procreate for ipad, gimp for laptop pc, and for animation I use the app cute cut pro on ipad (which is more of an editing software instead of an animation one, but it still works very well.) 

Tini Yellow Rose by King-Lulu-Deerwhat do you use to draw with?
-my fingers on the ipad (don’t have a stylus pen), tablet and pen for my laptop, and for my traditional art I work with different mediums I will list below:
  traditional art tools: prisms water colored pencils, water color pens, regular colored pencils, a mix of new touch markers and copics, and mixed media strathmore drawing book/pad.

Tini Yellow Rose by King-Lulu-Deerdo you have commissions? 
- yes,…

Tini Yellow Rose by King-Lulu-Deerdo you take art trades or requests?
-art trades are only available for friends and mutuals. I will never take a request.

Tini Yellow Rose by King-Lulu-Deercan I repost your art? 
-I am a bit iffy about this but here are my terms for reposting my art: 
  you may repost my art only if it is a commission or art trade you’ve received from me. credit me for said art. 

Tini Yellow Rose by King-Lulu-Deer can I draw you fanart? can I draw my characters with yours?
-yes you can, please tag me so I can see it! Thank You! 

Tini Yellow Rose by King-Lulu-Deer can I ship my characters with yours?
-unless we are close mutuals or close friends, then no. I apologize. most of my characters are already shipped or are unavailable.

Skin by *firstfear
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October 27, 2018