Bippity Boppity Disney...Model Challenge 9

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Challenge 9!

So Challenge 9 theme is 'Disney, Nonhuman/Humanoid'
So Disney Animals, fairies, etc.

Know there are other Disney Challenges going on and I tried to make sure no one had the same assignment but I love Disney! May do more Disney, idk but I leave for Disney World on Friday so I wanted to do this one now :)

So the goal for this challenge is to create an outfit inspired by your Disney character, you can re-create it if you want but I'd love for you to get unique, make it fun, fancy, etc.

I did one based of the  Fairy Godmother from Cinderella

And another thing, Model 21 is now being shared by zebulonv and GLENDATHEKILLERDOLL so make sure you tag them both please! :D


:bulletred: No mean comments on the other participants entries, If you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all. Criticism is fine but make it constructive, give suggestions or tips.  Be kind please

:bulletred: All entries are due by Monday September 12th (if you can't have it by then or are going to be late let me know :)
So I plan on having the next challenge up on Tuesday the 13th but I am driving back from Disney that day so they may not be up till the 14th, so don't panic if you don't see them on the 13th plz  

:bulletred: Submit all dolls to the 'Model Challenge' folder

:bulletred: You will be provided with an image/theme for each challenge, your goal is to create an outfit for your model inspired by that image. You don't have to recreate the image exactly, example, your out fit doesn't have to look like a flower but should be inspired by it, colors, textures, etc. But ultimately its up to you what you do! let your creativity flow!

:bulletred: Use the 'Snow Queen Scene' maker on Azalea's Dolls for all your entries.

:bulletred: Keep your model's Hair color, Skin tone, and Eye color the same please (or relatively similar, I know on some of the darker colors its harder to see which color is chosen but don't go from sky blue to black Please) Everything else is up to you!

:bulletred: This challenge is for fun there are no prizes or points associated with it. At the end of each challenge I'll have a final journal with everyones entries and at the end of the final challenge I'll choose my favorite entry from each model and compile I final journal :)

:bulletred: Please tagg all Participants as well as me msbrit90 in your entries (see this journal for all the participants doll-makers-domain.deviantart.… )

:bulletred: I do not own any of these images, they were all found on

:bulletred: Remember this is for fun, no pressure, just enjoy yourselves and let your creativity flow :D
:bulletred: if you have any questions, comments, concerns send me a note :iconmsbrit90:

Here are your assignments!

1-- liz-blizz

2-- EchoesOfAnEnigma

3-- allyvania88

4-- LadyDesmoria

5-- Arrelline

6-- CatWoman-cali-onyx

7-- DarkQueen013

8-- AngelOfBeauty88

9-- Princess-Rosella

10-- whitewolfdreamer27

11-- Rai-Knightshade

12-- misstudorwoman

13-- Madam-Omara

14-- Arimus79

15-- MisMae

16-- adrianaTheGirlOnFire

17-- flowerpower71

18-- aotearoa-geek13

19-- RachbakN

20-- Sonicgirl141


22-- Athena126

23-- falling-lights-3127   (haha I didn't realize I assigned Donald and Daisy to ppl right next to each other, how funny)

24-- LavenderSeaFairy

25-- StargazerSammie

26- Impossibly-Me

27- youngwolf13

28- LadyoftheLily

29- Kikai-Kumo

30- Daughterofthehunt10

31- SportyPeach9891

32- PuertoRicanBelle

33- Life-Of-The-Machine

34- FANNItasticFangirl

35- MelATCK

36- KatPerson098

37- StarryKnightPixie

38- KinHikari

39- ginger85125

40- MadastheHatter27
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onlyindreams145's avatar
Can I do one please?
msbrit90's avatar
Sadly I don't have any openings right now :( 
unless someone was to offer to share their Model, if anyone does or someone drops out I'll let you know. 
Princess-Rosella's avatar
I could always share my model 
onlyindreams145's avatar
Thank you so so much :hug:
msbrit90's avatar
yay thanks! 
I'll let one of the other girls who have asked know and see if they're interested. 
I think its neat, you share the same image so its cool to see how the 2 differ :) 
Princess-Rosella's avatar
lovely i would love it
ginger85125's avatar
Should be interesting. :D
Life-Of-The-Machine's avatar
Hmm...I've never even seen the movie this character is from. Side Frown Emoji 
msbrit90's avatar
that means you have 2 weeks to go watch it!
its really good! 
MadastheHatter27's avatar
yes!!!!!! Cheshire Cat!!!! Cheshire Cat Tsum 
allyvania88's avatar
Will your pic be available to fav? it is wicked awesome
msbrit90's avatar
ya, I'll upload it , thanks ;D 
allyvania88's avatar
no problem ... your examples look awesome
AngelOfBeauty88's avatar
msbrit90's avatar
AngelOfBeauty88's avatar
*totally not sweating bullets cause I have got THE most important Disney character*
msbrit90's avatar
lol you'll do fine :D 
liz-blizz's avatar
coolies! Jessie! Oh, boy those pants.Facepalm 2 Onion Boy 6 
Big Hero 6 It Will Be all right lets get cracking. Yay. I get to try my hand at a hat! We'll see how I do but an effort is going to be made. 
RachbakN's avatar
I'm definitely going to enjoy this! I'll try to get it done by the due date.
msbrit90's avatar
can't wait to see! 
KinHikari's avatar
I just love the fact that Madas' assigned character is the Cheshire Cat. (it's a unintentional rhyme, btw)
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