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January Contest Doll maker domain by uriko-punk-beast
Doll Makers Domain January Contest Henry VII by MarySue1964
Contest Enty - Nicholas and Alexandra by MagicMovieNerd
Model Challenge Entries ONLY
Model Challenge 38: Eye Make up by uriko-punk-beast
Eye Spy The Next Challenge by diangeloshepherd
DMD Model Challenge 38 : Eye Tried by evilredcaboose
DMD Model Challenge 37: Birds of A Feather by evilredcaboose
Azalea's Dolls
Element of the Fairy by MollyShine
1950s Fashion  - Rapunzel by UsagichanBR
Charles watching Cinderella and the duke of B by Cindmonogatari
Jessica Rabbit wearing the asexual flag colors 3 by Jaz-Merigold
Doll Divine
(new) Venus Lanying (Mistress of Psychic) by MollyShine
Late for class! by L-sama-no-miko
My MC cosplaying as Sophie Hatter by L-sama-no-miko
Urania by LadyIlona1984
Rinmaru Games
Mortal Kombat 2021: Nitara by Jaz-Merigold
Mortal Kombat - Kai X Kung Jin 2 by Jaz-Merigold
Shingeki no Kyojin - Armin X Annie by Jaz-Merigold
Shingeki no Kyojin - Mikasa Ackerman by Jaz-Merigold
Snow Queen Scene Maker
Happy Earth Day 2021 by MagicMovieNerd
Thanks for 1000 Watchers by MagicMovieNerd
AT - Pingu and Tails by MagicMovieNerd
Terrence, Katron, Irving, and Peter by MagicMovieNerd
Tudor Scene
Similarities by Taiya001
A Different  Snow White by Taiya001
What caused it all by Nelyasun
Cornelia and Kristin by Kusuri-Shibata
LOTR Scene
House Webber of Coldmoat by LilyoftheDolls
House Hightower of the Hightower by LilyoftheDolls
House Florent of Brightwater Keep by LilyoftheDolls
House Caswell of Bitterbridge by LilyoftheDolls
GOT Scene
The Starks in Winterfell by isabellerecs
The Young Royals in Kings Landing by isabellerecs
Vorenus and Pullo (Rome) by suburbantimewaster
Cersei in Mourning by IrishSkye
Heroine Creator
Chloe Rainbow Colors (human) by MagicMovieNerd
Promotional Belle by MagicMovieNerd
Chloe Rainbow Colors (mermaid) by MagicMovieNerd
Chloe in Tarzan's World by MagicMovieNerd
Goddess Scene
He is risen by Raeofsunshine101
Fairytale Maiden Scene
Meadowllys Luther by DaphnePool
Pixi Scene
Linkle the fairy by user15432
Indian Dancer
FBnCC: CC+GW: Love is Powerful by Lizlovestoons12
Queen of The Deck
Light and Dark by BlazingTyphlosion
Alice in Wonderland
Jenny Foxworth in wonderland by Godzilla2137
Mermaid Maker
Mer-Twins by GamerTwins13
Sailor Senshi Maker
Mercedes and Melchior - Human form by L-sama-no-miko
X-Girl Scene
powerpuff 2 by Shadowofjustice123
Princess Maker

Mature Content

#4Dollperfectbride_begin2021 by AliceGothic
Pin Up Delux
#1dressupdoll_ending2020 by AliceGothic
Urban Delux
Outside Characters: Alison Urban Style by MonstarzGirl
Pretty Pixie
Ponyo by Taiya001
Epic Angel
Angel Triss by Jaz-Merigold
Candyland 1 by LadyYui
Sci-Fi Warrior
Sci-fi Warrior Princess by NotVioletViolet
Fly Squad
Fly-Squad-Sara-Kuan by Taiya001
Princess Peach Fairy Princess by user15432
Yellow Princesses by Raeofsunshine101
Harry Potter
Meiker Petunia and Lily Evans by Taiya001
Megan Williams in ancient Rome by Godzilla2137
Sailor Moon
Free Evil Queens OCs by Taiya001
Hanfu Juniper Lee by Taiya001
Thistlewight Philippe by Gwynscene
Book Characters
Female Moist von Lipwig by L-sama-no-miko
TV Inspired
Muppets: Humanized Betsy Bird by Lizlovestoons12
Movie Inspired
Human Frou-Frou by Lizlovestoons12
Comic Book Inspired
groovy mj by Shadowofjustice123
Fancy Pants Kingdom and Beyond
Lace Rococo by 1999317
Viking Woman
A Viking in Garnetwood by Vividway
Arabian Nights
Benjen Stark Treats with Morna White Mask by HazelCrafts
Polynesian Princess
Polynesian Aredhel by isabellerecs
40s Fashion
A Dame in Garnetwood by Vividway
Poison Ivy
October: Poison Ivy by Kusuri-Shibata
Harley Quinn
Harley Wishes you a Happy Valentines Day! by Jaz-Merigold
Prince Maker
#5Dolllolita_Begin2021 by AliceGothic
Doll Makers
Android Creator by Mamalovesya
100millionPOINTS Contest by Astrogirl500


Ladybug~marinette by lunatwo Ladybug~marinette :iconlunatwo:lunatwo 33 0 diana by lunatwo diana :iconlunatwo:lunatwo 7 0 high priestess by lunatwo high priestess :iconlunatwo:lunatwo 1 0 Slave girl by lunatwo Slave girl :iconlunatwo:lunatwo 7 2 tinker bell 3 by lunatwo tinker bell 3 :iconlunatwo:lunatwo 17 2 pink kity by lunatwo pink kity :iconlunatwo:lunatwo 7 1 ariel 11 by lunatwo ariel 11 :iconlunatwo:lunatwo 13 3 alien bath by lunatwo
Mature content
alien bath :iconlunatwo:lunatwo 3 1
Ice Woman by unicornsmile Ice Woman :iconunicornsmile:unicornsmile 3 0 Prince Gabriel and Princess Eleanor (dollmaker) by ClockworkMultiverse Prince Gabriel and Princess Eleanor (dollmaker) :iconclockworkmultiverse:ClockworkMultiverse 7 9 Prince Gabriel (dollmaker approximation) by ClockworkMultiverse Prince Gabriel (dollmaker approximation) :iconclockworkmultiverse:ClockworkMultiverse 4 6 Jasmine And Aladdin valentine by adrianaTheGirlOnFire Jasmine And Aladdin valentine :iconadrianathegirlonfire:adrianaTheGirlOnFire 7 2 Mirror Mirror... by musicmermaid Mirror Mirror... :iconmusicmermaid:musicmermaid 85 12 My Snow White by musicmermaid My Snow White :iconmusicmermaid:musicmermaid 108 15 Indian Princess by unicornsmile Indian Princess :iconunicornsmile:unicornsmile 8 1 Queen Tuya - The Prince of Egypt by zozelini Queen Tuya - The Prince of Egypt :iconzozelini:zozelini 12 5








Welcome to Doll Makers Domain!


Hey guys!
remember me? :iconmsbrit90:
yeahhhh its been a bad
life is busy
but y'all know that

can we have a round of applause for the awesome work :iconjenn-the-apollo-kid:
has done with these challenges?!
Like seriously...shes done an awesome job as have all of y'all with the entries
I'v seen them...just been lurking in the background lol

Trying to think of something new to do for the group, prob won't be the same as the model challenges have been, theres just  A LOT of images to get, But I do want to do something
So I'ma try to be better about getting on here and checking in, I promise!

In the mean time :iconmusicmermaid: is working on a project and needs some help from you wonderfully talented people, heres some info and I'll link the journal if your interested in participating!

Journal link :…
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Night-Class Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
How is everyone getting around the flash situation?
mythologydiva Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2021
I'm using a program called Flashpoint. Basically you play the games offline. But Azaleas Dolls recently posted instructions about another solution to play the games online on her website.
MonstarzGirl Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2020
ATTENTION: To try to be able to get everyone who use doll maker games from Azaleas Dolls, Doll Divine, Rinmaru Games, etc. there are three petitions on

I don't sign them because they always are a pain in raising the amount of needed signatures without closing at the date of the dateline, but these might be worth a shot to show the links on the groups' profiles that you know of and submit your favorite doll maker games to make your visuals for OCs to get EVERYONE'S attention instead of waiting a month at the last-minute like what happened to the permanent change with Eclipse here.………
MoirailSupport Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is this group still alive?
Impossibly-Me Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2020
I hope all of the admin of this group are well and wish you all luck. Unfortunately, I'm cutting down on my inactive groups. If this group ever gets revived, I would love to be a member again. 
Twinklecloud101 Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2019  Hobbyist Writer
Can I join? I have a lot of Sailor moon dolls
Jenn-The-Apollo-Kid Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oof I feel bad now, looks like there's a whole lot of untied ends I didn't get to
ginger85125 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2019
I wouldn't feel too bad about it... That's life...

But I'd like to ask any plans for the group or you still deciding what the play is? (I have some admin experience if you need someone to help out behind the scenes)
Jenn-The-Apollo-Kid Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
If anyone still wants to do the model challenge, I can certainly try to start that up again. I'll have to figure out how again though XD
Jaz-Merigold Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2018
Hi, I accidentaly submitted to the wrong album, would it be possible to move this deviation:…

from the Azalea´s Dolls album to the X-Girl Scene album?

Thank you and sorry.
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