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An image of such great beauty this perfect lovely pink flower standing up so perfectly and levitating towards the sunny sky. I always try to get a shot of nature when it looks so pleasing and possesses this look of tranquility. This day was a bit windy so I was not sure that I could get a good clear shot but then I found a moment when this flower stood still for me. There is this one spot not far from where I live that I visit a lot especially in the spring as I find such pretty flowers always seems to grow there and it is always a good area for them to soak up the sun. I wanted to do something special with this image so I thought it would be nice to place this one in a heart frame and I thought it turned out nice with the blue sky in the background. I hope you all like this one as much as I did and I also included a poem that I thought was written very beautifully. I think that people that can write like this with such passion are so blessed. I want to thank all my friends watchers and everyone for the faves in advance and for your support I am very grateful. 

68152974-spring-background-with-watercolor-branch- by Doll-Ladi  

Pink Petal

Pink and perfect mystery
to which I ply my finger,
she ripens so exquisitely
the longer that I linger

and fluff the modest blossom
with my gentle loving hand,
teasing, ever pleasing
so that now I understand

how beautiful the flower
that yields without duress,
blooming now so fully
in the warmth of my caress.

by Keith Bickerstaffe |


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💗Such beautiful pink flowers Melissa! I love the pink heart border as well💗
Doll-Ladi's avatar

Thank you so much my sweet friend. Happy you like this one sis :hug: Thank you for the fave too

youlittlemonkey's avatar
You're welcome Sis God bless you xxx
Doll-Ladi's avatar

God bless you too sweet sister :hug:

chetje's avatar

God bless you Melissa , wonderful :heart:

Doll-Ladi's avatar

Thank you so very much I appreciate those very lovely words my friend. And thank you for the fave too :hug:

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Beauty is a blessing,

God gave it to YOU:

What you say,

What you think and

How you're dressing;

It's all so admirable,

Everything you do!! :heart: :heart: :heart:


Doll-Ladi's avatar

💕Oh Theresa only you can relate to something so beautifully. I admire this comment so much and I am so flattered by your constant kindness and the way you speak so lovingly. Thank you for your ongoing support of my work. May God always bless your wonderful heart. Thank you also for the fave my wonderful friend.

ThanasiaNightfall's avatar

:blush: You and your spectacular captures are sooooo inspirational to me, it just makes me think like that, every time I see your work in my watchlist :blowkiss: :glomp: :cuddle:

And I'm the one who has to thank you - for your wonderful soul, your phenomenal photos, your loving friendship and your unlimited generosity!!! :huggle: :cling: :tighthug:

I cried in pleasure, all day long, when I saw you gave me two badges in one day :wow: :la: :happycry: , and I cried in despair, when I noticed that I couldn't reply to you, yesterday, I'm so sorry :tears: :cries:

Doll-Ladi's avatar

Oh Theresa you are without a doubt one of my best friends. You have such an amazing heart and you always express your love and warmth for me as a friend and that touches me so deeply. Do not worry about late answers everyone goes through the same issues on here and I totally understand.

ThanasiaNightfall's avatar

Thank you so much, oh my ... I have to tell you more frequently that you're one of my best friends in life as well, my heavenly sweet Melissa!! :glomp: :cuddle: :cling: :huggle: :tighthug: :smooch:

Doll-Ladi's avatar

Thank you so much Theresa for including some of the sweetest emotes in here for me. They are always filled with love. :hug:

From my heart. Flowers and hearts
Irtimidd's avatar

When I'm able to walk... I always love to see magnolias...

But to admire the beauty of this one, makes me feel happy and joyful.

Flowers are always a remembering us that life is a cycle... a new begin each year... with no end...

In hard times, the nature shows us how strong it keeps fighting..back..

Flowers, animals... they are amazing..they give us the strength we need to face all the difficulties.

The heart shape frame with the texture adds to the awesomeness of the photo.

Thank you so much for this superbe artwork

Doll-Ladi's avatar

Oh Dimitri my friend I can't say that I understand what you are going through but I pray that your life will improve so that you can enjoy nature at a better time. I am deeply touched by your comment on this flower and I agree with you that flowers and animals are amazing. God put them on this earth for our enjoyment my friend. Flowers are so uplifting. I am glad that you admire this one so much it makes me feel happy inside. I want to let you know that and I am grateful for the time you take to comment . It's thoughtful. May God always keep you in his care. Love you friend

Irtimidd's avatar

Thank you so much for your kindness, dear Melissa.

We both love the beauty of flowers and animals.

God created an amazing place for us to live and be happy.

We should be grateful and enjoy our time here.

Thank you so much for your generosity, with the badge.

So kind of you. So thoughtful.


It's not a great photo (has been taken behind glass).

But this beauty lives in the backyard of our garden since New Year.

Now her fur is shinny.... she is still afraid of us...

Everyday I admire her.

Take care.

Doll-Ladi's avatar

Oh Yes Dimitri we sure have that in common. God surrounded us with so much beauty . Especially with the great joy of animals. You know no matter what kind of mood I am in or what kind of bad day I am having an animal makes me smile all the time. I was more then happy to give you a badge as I felt your beautiful comment was so very deserving . Thank you for sharing the photo of the deer What a lovely looking animal. Do you feed it maybe it will establish a closer connection with you. I have to say you have such a heart of gold. God bless you

All best Wishes for you
faryba's avatar
Doll-Ladi's avatar

Thank you my dear Faryba for your comment. :hug: and for the fave too and for the badge it means so much to me God bless you.

Alena-48's avatar

I love this, it’s so beautiful dear Melissa. :heart:

Doll-Ladi's avatar

I am do pleased you like it my dear friend and thank you from the heart :hug: ty for the fave too

WhimsicalBlue's avatar

What an apt title to go with an equally delicate flower. The heart frame looks so beautiful with pink background, love also the pose of magnolia. What a wonderful capture. The clear blue sky gives off a vey peaceful and serene ambiance, amazing colour contrast. I truly enjoyed reading your description and the poem as's so full of feelings and beauty. One wonders what was in poets mind while penning down his beautiful words. One could see your beautiful heart in each of your's like a small window to your delicate soul..All in all, a tremendous job and well taken picture, dearest Melissa!:hug: :heart:

Doll-Ladi's avatar

:glomp:Hazel your amazing comments always touch me in such a special way. I love the way you speak so beautifully from your soul. I am more then flattered by your awesome observation of my photos. You make them all so worthwhile and make me feel very special. I knew you would enjoy the poem being a poet yourself I know that you can really appreciate the words. Thank you my very precious friend for the kind way you express your feelings about me also and also thank you so much for the badge when your words were more then adequate to say the least. I am blessed to know such a special lady

For You with LOVE. Lace heart and rose 1
WhimsicalBlue's avatar

My dear Melissa, I absolutely enjoy your pictures and how beautifully you capture the mood and bring out the real beauty. You are a talented photographer..and it's truly a pleasure for me to support your art. And thanks for your lovely feelings for you are just the same:hug: keep sharing your creativity, my special and kind lady..:love:

My pleasure. Macarons and hearts. Pink
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