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New Beginnings

By Doll-Ladi
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Such purity and perfection. I love white flowers just as they are getting ready to bloom. One of the many flowers that grow out of a bush just down the street from me. It's my favorite spots to frequent. I often go there to see what will bloom next and found that there are so many pretty flowers in all colors but white is one that usually catches my eye. It was really a beautiful day out and the sun was shining so brightly and the sky so blue. The white clouds always remind me of cotton. I wish I had my own garden. It is best to see this one on a large view. I hope you all like it as much as I do.

                                                                 I-love-you-my-dear-friend! by faryba

I want to thank all my friends watchers and everyone for the faves in advance and for your support I am very grateful.  

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DelphineHanielHobbyist Photographer

so beautiful, thank you very much for sharing! ♥

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Much appreciate your kind words. Thank you so much :huggle: and for the fave as well

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Very beautiful:heart:

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Thank you I appreciate hearing that :huggle:

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Absolutely my pleasure!:hug:

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WhimsicalBlueHobbyist Digital ArtistFeatured

Exceptionally outstanding picture!

It truly reminds us of a new beginning. The blue sky welcoming the white beauty and those cotton clouds gives us a feeling of vast the sky is. I love how you captured the heavenliness of the's standing tall in the sea of greenery! Another thing which strikes me the most is the colour scheme, how amazingly shown, blue and white dancing together. This picture is full of purity and peace..a perfect silence!

Melissa, you're a wonderful photographer and a sweet lady! I admire your talent:clap: :heart: New beginning..a start of a new thing:)

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Wow Hazel it is always a great pleasure for me to read such positive comments like this. It makes me very happy to see how beautifully you observed this photo, Spoken of just like a poet. You have a very gentle way of expressing yourself that I love my friend. I am always very flattered by your very worthy comments . You are such an exceptional lady. God bless you. From my heart to yours I am so grateful my precious friend. Love you xoxo

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WhimsicalBlueHobbyist Digital Artist

Melissa, you're a wonderful artist and a great photographer. Not only your picture amazes me but your kind, gentle and beautiful words too. I can feel the warmth and tenderness in them. And it's absolutely a pleasure to comment on your images. Keep sharing your talent with us, sweet lady:hug: God bless you too, and always be happy:heart:

Love you to the moon and back dear friend~xoxo

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Hazel you are a real inspiration to me when you speak this way. I am always so thankful when being recognized as a decent artist. I am grateful for your friendship. Love you so much my dear friend for being so caring and wonderful to me. Lots of hugs and kisses 💋💋💋💋

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WhimsicalBlueHobbyist Digital Artist

Aww.that makes me so happy! I feel exactly the same for you. So pleasure always mine dear Melissa:hug: Love you to the moon and back, I appreciate your friendahip, kindness and love:heart: You are a wonderful person with a sweet heart! Sending lots of kisses and love your way!💋💋💋

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Thank you 💙

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DDimitri16Professional General ArtistFeatured

Wow what an amazing beauty!!!!!☀️😀

The angle the photo is taken shows that huge bush (trying to reach the sky).

Just like Jake's giant bean perch....

Looking at this fantastic picture... with the perfect blue sky...

We can only dream from the past sunny (hot) summer....

Feeling the sun rays caressing our faces...

The cotton clouds.... bringing back so many emotions of our childhood. (sheep, rabbit)..

The smell of the summer, the flowers....happiness...

The wonderful contrast between the sky and the flowers.

The purity of those white flowers:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Thank you so much, dear Melissa for this marvelous.. photograph.

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💜 Dimi I can express to you how much this awesome comment meant to me . I now look at this photo in a different perspective as it does look like the flower is levitating up to the sky. You my friend are such an excellent observer I absolutely love the way you put your words together here . What sweet and positive things to say. It means so much to me I am totally flattered by your kindness and that you took the time to even comment as I know how hard it is for you due to so much you do on here for others so I will tell you with my whole heart thank you my very special and very best friend. :glomp:

Thanks For Your Support
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RikitzaProfessional PhotographerFeatured

beautiful Melissa indeed !

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Awww thank you so much Riki I am pleased that you like it and thank you for faving too. Heart Animation

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MEPArtzHobbyist General ArtistFeatured

Very beautiful, Mellisa.

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Thank you so much for the support Bunny Emoji-36 (Flower) [V2]

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MEPArtzHobbyist General Artist
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Love it. The clarity of focus moves me.

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Thank you my sweet friend I really do appreciate knowing this. 🤍👍

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minamikoHobbyist Featured

So radiant and so vibrant! Wonderfully framed against the sharp blue sky! Great capture Melissa!

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