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This one was taken at Bloomingdale's department store in New York City maybe a year ago or later. One of my much older mannequin shots. I hope you can enjoy the beauty of this close up as the face says it all. As you can see the attractive look of her eyes in this one. The lashes look so natural and the hair so pretty and of course the perfect shaped lips. The dress was really lovely but so expensive. Since I am not going to New York nights now because of the corvid 19 issue I do not get to take anymore recent and newer mannequin images. It really has become so frustrating to find anything new so now I am uploading what is left of my collections. Once in a while I do appreciate the sepia look so I thought this one looked good. I really liked the mannequin poem so I thought it would be nice to attach it.
I want to thank all my friends and watchers for the faves in advance and for your support I am very grateful.

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A Mannequin In A Window 

The mannequins in the shop window
whisper excitedly:
A new girl arrives today.
She was real once,
as were they.
But life,
as it had done to so many before,
had stilled her soul.
Soon the rest of her followed.
Now she lays, frozen in plastic perfection,
in the dirty storage room of the store.
She is dressed roughly,
all former privacy forgotten,
by a shopkeeper
who thought she saw,
in the dim light of that room,
a single tear in the eye of the mannequin
before she placed her in the window,
to always be displayed
but never again
truly seen.
Or to think
or feel...
a mannequin in a window.

By Savannah Carlstrom

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little-one-girlHobbyist Digital ArtistFeatured

so beautifull mannequin...I love it..sweet Dear :clap: :heart:

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Awww I thank you so much my dear friend. Your wonderful compliments are always welcome. And thank you for your sweet gif too and for the fave as well.

Thank You
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MEPArtzHobbyist General ArtistFeatured

A very wonderful mannequin. I love her eyes. The sepia looks great. Must be frustrating...I know. Take care, Mellisa. :hug:

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Thank you so much for taking a moment to comment so beautifully . I appreciate it Maryellen. :hug:

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MEPArtzHobbyist General Artist
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ikazon Writer

Nice shot :la:

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Thank you 😙💛

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mickeyronyStudent Photographer

Beautyfully presented

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Thank you so much and I appreciate the fave too 😙

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Thank you so much and for the fave too 💋

sesam-is-open's avatar

My pleasure :)

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Thank you so much my friend and for the fave too 🤍

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Love her. Wanna be her

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One day you are going to be the most beautiful mannequin. It is going to be a dream come true for you, But you know that your never going to be able to walk among the human race anymore . It's so wonderful to see you sweetie, I enjoy hearing from you

Lenny wink 01

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You just said the most sweetest thing to me ever, Meli. Thank you for supporting my desire.I do so long to be a beautiful mannequin, forever frozen in time ...plastic limbs removed so i can have new ones to support my torso and posed into ultra-feminine graceful lines. To watch the humans go about their lives and provide a useful function to model styles that entice humans to buy.

It is a joy to see you as well, Meli.

There's a great future in PLASTICS.
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Oh you are so welcome and I mean every word of it too, I know how much you wish to be a mannequin. I have a few friends that really admire mannequins but no one feels as strongly as you do. I think it is sweet. And I am just looking at your drawing I do not know when you did that one but I will certainly fave it.I love the way you drew the mannequin

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This is how i want to see myself and the person who desires to help make this happen for me, Meli. That you get that and are so supportive brings me great joy.

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This is a gorgeous one I am sure whoever gets her will be pleased. 🤍

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I would want my owner to be happy with me

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Arthur-Ramsey General Artist

Way cool

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Thank you Arthur 😍

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