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non fatevi condizionare dal cyberbullismo
ma parlatene con i vostri genitori, o adulti che tengono a voi!

do not be influenced by the cyber-bullying
but talk to your parents, or adults who care about you!


in this work, i mean especially a famous sites, who have been connected with many suicides of teenagers. especially in the last few months.
«Non può essere vero, non si può morire così, a 14 anni»
"It can not be true, you can not die in this way, in 14 years'
  this phrase most often repeated in my country..

traditional sketch and photoshop
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I have been Cyber Bullied all week long. This bastard keeps making fun of my mental disabilities, and when I told him about my sister committing suicide because of people like him, he said it was hilarious and that the reason that she did it was because she was ashamed to be related to a retard like me. This Cyberbully and question is none other than double4anime AKA Richard Wallace of Miami