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Short version:

Submitting my artworks to dA has become an optional, if any.
You can see my newest artworks in different services (Links at the end).

Longer version:

I am limiting my presence on deviantART because of the following reasons:
  • I can't get a proper critique on my works.
  • Thus, I don't have a chance to develop my art skills here.
  • The place is flooded with works of questionable quality and users whose whole time here is spent mostly on pointless comments and handing out "lama badges".
  • There are better places to gain critique and experience, like various Discord art groups or forums.
  • There are better options for hosting and showcasing artwork (ArtStation, Instagram, Behance etc.).
DeviantART had better times - when I joined it years ago - but since then dA is spiralling down, making artists upset with questionable moderation (Attack of the Mods), art thief and other things.

It does not mean that I am leaving dA and shutting down account - I just limit my presence. So no new artwork here will be submitted, with rare exceptions.

Where to find my newest art:

  • On Instagram:…

  • On Newgrounds:

UPDATE: Tumblr is no more. It is dead, even if it is still running.

Today some random stuff.

Time for some gestures (NSFW for artistic nudity).

I am drawing some random stuff on my new tablet.
Are available for viewing on my Vimeo account:
OK everyone, the weekend livestreams had become a habit of mine recently, I announce them on dA statuses and on my Tublnr (…). But I have questions to my followers here: on which hour you would prefer to watch it? Please submit preferred times of you in the comments, with timezone. Thank you in advance. :)
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Feel free to watch it on
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I don't like making New Years' resolutions. But what I do like doing is to summarize the year that just passed.

Looking back, I must admit, that I finally made significant progress in digital painting. After keeping my dA account in hiatus for few years and after futile attempts to do anything that would make any sense I finally managed to be right on track. So far I do studies after photographs etc., and only little fun projects. I see I need to do more of the latter.

(Keep in mind  that I'm not an art student or pro artist, I am just an hobbyist who paints for fun.)

Basically it all stared in 2008 when I registered at where I realized, how I was wrong before whet it comes to studying art. Even after two years of regular exercises my art was bad - in that time I was working on still unfinished comic project (I spare you the detail now, but my avatar is closely related to it), and some of crappy artworks related to that project are still laying around on my account on  

Why I had gone so far? Because I finally started taking this art stuff seriously. My advice? Do daily sketches, don't be attached to your failed works, just let them go, and start doing another, better ones. Start with basics (anatomy, perspective etc.), you'll develop your style later. My biggest mistake was to trying emulate the manga/anime style, and I failed both emulating it, and achieving proficiency in basics.

OK, enough of this rantings. You can still see my journey on my personal art blog: .

In the end just two words: keep working.
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I've thrown away Livestream and made a screencast without Procaster.
Sorry, but Livestream is bloatware and now officially SUCKS - I couldn't log-in, and even recover my password.
So I choose YouTube and CamStudio. :thumbsup: Point one for open source solutions!

Watch both parts here:…
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Watch it here:…

BTW: user interface for Livestream's studio sucks. It is completely counter-intuitive...
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I created a new subdomain on my host, dedicated solely for my art blog. There I'll be posting WIP's, random doodles and other stuff not worth for dA: (

I just uploaded there my current WIP.

Feel free to comment. :D
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I can't add a poll, so express your opinions in the comments below. :D
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Time passes on, and you cannot turn its flow backwards. But despite this you can always start making some things from the scratch. Obviously, you can't salvage the lost time, but you can make something new using your previous experiences.

Like in a computer you need to restart sometimes, to purge memory from garbage and let the machine to cool down.

This is what I'm doing right now: a reset.

During last two years I made numerous exercises to gain drawing skills. During that time I realized, than every approach I tried before was wrong.

Reset means that I had purged my gallery and Scraps completely. It's time for a new beginning.

You can always check out my fresh sketches in this ConceptArt thread:…
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What is :new: :
:bulletblue: I quit being an active member of DeviantART. I have enought of immaturity here. Also, finding a good, constructive critique, that would help me making me progress is hard here.

What is :bounce: :
:bulletgreen: My gallery would be still updated, but very rarely, and in batch mode. Sooner I would post something on StormArtists or in my Sketchbook on ConceptArt.… Of course if I find something nice here, I would make a comment or Fav. ;)

What is :shithappens: :
:bulletred: I must draw draw draw draw draw draw draw, but always I have not enought time...
:bulletblue: DONE: character design.
:bulletgreen: Making: short comic strip.
:bulletred: I am considering making some poster-like drawings, that would show the overall idea and characters of the comic
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What is :new: :
:bulletblue: Ruu has finished my commission. Enjoy:…

What is :bounce: :
:bulletgreen: It's great! Even despite the fact that we were in fact collaborating a bit (I had made a basic pose sketch, plus some character ideas, cloths, badges etc.), I am stunned and impressed.

What is :shithappens: :
:bulletred: Why do hell I have an "artblock"???
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What is :new: :
:bulletblue: I have finished all my lectures at the university, and all final papers are evaluated. Now I am thinking about my master thesis.
:bulletblue: I am now doing my obligatory practice in county's office

What is :bounce: :
:bulletgreen:  Since I have now some free time, I am spending the time for drawing excercises. So far the progress is apparent...
:bulletgreen: I bought a cheap camera , so I am making some photos. It is also exellent as a substitute for a scanner. ;)

What is :shithappens: :
:bulletred: If I were a cyborg, I would have "LEARN GERMAN" as a Prime Directive. :P I must pass a German language competency test for gaining the diploma.
:bulletred: I feel a bit exhausted...

I have discovered, that I had updated a dA journal more than half a year ago. :O Maybe I schould update it more frequently??
What is :new: :
:bulletblue: My time for lectures on university has started. It means less time for art. :(

What is :bounce: :
:bulletgreen:  I have found a job! A real job with salary! :worker: You schould guess it from the today's journal topic.

What is :shithappens: :
:bulletred: Just a simple question: how to compromise learning and working? Any ideas?
:bulletred: I have problems with learning German. Everyone, who attend at university at Germany knows what that mean…
What is :shithappens: :
:bulletred: My mobile phone has been stolen!

What is :new: :
:bulletblue: I have new phone!

What is :bounce: :
:bulletgreen:  My stolen phone was Sony-Ericsson k700i, and my new one is second-handed T68i. So as you see, I had to downgrade, and I found this as an quite enlighting experience.

First of all, the new phone has just everything that I need: of course the phone itself, Bluetooth connectivity, calendar, alarms, things-to-do, timer, and optional lo-res camera - and that enought. Aren't you think that producers of mobile phone are putting too mutch functionality in their products? I have never used build-in mp3 player in k700i, and the phone's cameras has so poor resolution, that they cannot be used as normal digital cameras.

And if any new phone has build-in Bluetooth, It has many build-in, rarely used functions, that are quite costly. Are there any new phones with BT, but without camera or MP3 player?

The same goes to BT wireless mouse; if there is any BT mouse, it is granted it have dozen of buttons and super-hiper resolution, with laser tracking. And are there any cheaper lo-res (300-500dpi) Bluetooth mouses, with whell and three buttons? Hardly.

NEWS: I have bought a MCA-20 camera for T68i for just few bucks. And the quality of photos is better than build-in camera in k700i. Just another example, that not always new mean better…
What is :new: :
:bulletblue: Vacations are slowly going to finish. :| I hope that I would have enought time to draw during my studies.

What is :bounce: :
:bulletgreen:  At last I have finished my first character concept. Ejnoy this, and put your comments there.…

What is :shithappens: :
:bulletred: I must learn for exam, because I have failed it on first term. :pissedoff: