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The Dead Harlequin



Okay, I'll come right out and say I'm pretty proud of this one. My friend Trev adapted "The Dead Harlequin", a murder mystery written by Agatha Christie, to the stage, and I was in it. I played the artist who paints the picture that shares the title of the play, so I thought it would make sense if I also designed the artwork for the purposes of the play.

At the beginning, we put this picture on a projector and shot it at the curtain so that the crowd could get an idea of what the painting was supposed to look like.

The general idea is that a man is looking into a room through the window, down at his own dead body, and the light coming through the stained glass makes the body look like a jester, or harlequin, because of the colors.

Either way, I whipped this together in a few hours, over a couple days, using about three simple Googled pictures of a window frame, tile floor, stain glass pattern, and some pictures of my buddy Jason, who was also in the play, playing the role of "Harley Quin", who's the pivotal character in not just this story but several others from a compilation called "The Mysterious Mr. Quin."

Either way, I had fun with it. Comments please. :)

Umm... credit to Agatha Christie for writing the story, random pattern samples off of Google, Trev for the play, Jason for the photos... I don't think any of them have deviant accounts, so I can't link :P
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