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Tom - The treasure keeper

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You drew a pile of gold and shaded it, (with a mouse?) Like, you didn't just draw a gold coin and copy drew the pile of gold and shaded all of it. Also, that tail animation obviously has hand-drawn frames (no warping). Good job for your hard work!
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Welp, you are right and wrong at the same time.
It is all the same coin (the piles), but it was well done to be like that so you don't notice it (it has shaders, also there are some objects like the trophie and gems that make the pile pop up much more).
Btw, happens the same with the tail, it was modular animated; nothing of it was redrawn or hand-drawn multiple times to look like that.
You are giving me the feedback I wanted for this piece :), I mean it achieved what I wanted (low effort, but high quality).

Thank you so much.
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This is early 90s Capcom quality.
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Hrm, maybe much more oversaturated, and high contrast looking. But, kinda. Hahaha