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The ultimate showdown - Mazgeon

Scythe, The grim reaper's new overall design.
Background sceneries for story mode (not dungeoning).
New game website look, and soon including a Dev log section.

Game webpage
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Woo, Cool job!
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This is great. I'm no good at pixelart and then - animating it! Great job!
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Thank you so much.
How yeah!!! So is the game going to be like a 2-D Dark Souls/Darkest Dungeon sort of thing? I see that you have a decent size roster of characters in this deviation.
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Well, it's a roguelike, but I can not compare this game to Darkest Dungeon. It's not even turn based.
I know we haven't revealed too much information about gameplay, just a few videos.

The most I can say is that it's actually similar to Spelunky's gameplay with lots of different elements.
Hard game, roguelike leveling system, role playing, and those characters are the main you will be able to play with. (excluding Death)

Thank you.
You're welcome!

Thank you for the info on the game! Looking forward to future updates!
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*sings* This is ultimate show down of ultimate destiny. Good guys, bad guys & explosions as far as the eye can see. And only one will survive, I wonder who it will be? This is ultimate show down of ultimate destiny.
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Great background story telling, haha.

But, I think good guys would not kill between themselves, because you said only one will survive. Unless you was talking about the whole groups of "Good guys" or "Bad guys".

Thank you.
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It's actually a real song. Look it up some time & enjoy. Great pic through.
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Oh, I see.

Sorry, my native language is not English, I may not know some many songs coming from it.
Thanks again.
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