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Pixel art tutorial series -

I've started a short pixel art tutorial series with some drawing process for different used techniques at pixel art drawing, and 2d animation for video games. These process videos will not actually teach you how to draw pixel art, but techniques which can be applied on this art style.

You can watch Dotto series from:

Youtube video - chapter01:

I've made that animated mockup for this webpage header:
Actually promoting/featuring it as it has some different shading, and texturing techniques that I'll be explaining.

Follow our channel to watch more of these. :)

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Castlevania? :D
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Great work.

I would have chaged the water animation so that the very top moves less or slower than the bottom. Even possibly keeping the very very top still in a thin pixle high layer so that it doesn't seem so disconnected. Also decreasing pixle height gives it a forced perspective throwing it further back into the image.
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Thanks for the observation, I never thought that way about that motion before, but know I think of it, that may work as you describe it; I should give it a try.
Anyway, water is supposed to be static or not moving at all, the actual movement is to simulate the water refraction, but I guess if top layers moves lesser than bottom ones, it'll look much better.

Thank you so much.

Subscribed to your Youtube channel... :D