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Ichigo Hollow

By Dokiestudioz
Not much of a fan of Bleach...

My friend Uryuu from SA tried to make me watch it but i didn't like it XD

then i stumbled upon a amv on youtube and saw this dude Ichigo like this and i thought he looked cool XP

I donno why but im LOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE it when people get possessed XD
So i couldn't help but draw a lil fanart lol *flinches* dont hit me.

So i watched that episode and yeah :B i feel better now *runs to do homework*

toodles *waves*
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Glade you watched this amv, cause this job is great!

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I've been to Lordran, so believe me when I say "that's not  a Hollow."
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i love anime where the main turns into a monster or something. LOVE IT.
naruto, bleach, fruits basket, seraph of the end, attack on titan, blue exorcist, hxh, tokyo ghoul, parasyte... just to name a few. X)
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the teeth remind me of Venom...
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Thank Kami I'm not the only one. Lol
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That's so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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This is amazing!
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hollow ichigo meets venom... xD
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Wow, looks even scarier than in original manga! omfg

Excellent work, the drool and gleaming eyes are a good add to the overall madness of this picture.
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Up close and personal -_-
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This is..Pure Epicness...DAMN can you draw my OC-orginal character ?
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I found this on Google and Automatically put it on my lock screen.
This picture is good but it's stolen from another artist
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by god this is hollowfied madness best one yet
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ur mer gursh... best pic of ichigo hollow I've ever seen... I obsess this picture so much!!! great job with this!!! :iconlawooplz:
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Absolutely amazing. And I love to see people get possessed as well :)
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Wow, awesome
I wish I could draw like that
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