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I was so happy when I found out that WordGirl episodes were still being made! Great things don't die easily~
That latest episode was very emotional and deep for a kids' educational show. Whatever new direction the writers are taking, I like it!
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By looks of it, Season 8 was the last of the show, ending with "Rhyme and Reason".

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looks really cool ;p you could almost be the cartoonist. and I've watched this show when I was at home... lol
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this is adorable! X3
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Thanks. I see you have an extensive Word Girl faves gallery~
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you're welcome :) yes I do, it's one of my favorite shows~
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It's still airing? Well I hope it hasn't experienced seasonal rot, then! I used to watch it a bit.
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I remember this show! Then again, it's hard for me to forget it because it helped enhance my vocabulary! Oh, and it's still airing? I'll have to see the new episodes!

Other than that, awesome sketch! You're one of my favorite artists! :hug:
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Word Girl shows still being made? That is news to me. Good news.
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I'd remember that show when I was younger. :) (Smile) 
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They're still making WordGirl episodes? Awesome! I'll have to check out the new one.

It's too bad that educational shows automatically get a bad rap, because some are actually cleverly written like this show :)
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Oh yeah. I think when most people think about educational kid shows, they think of things like Dora the Explorer or something one-track like the Magic School Bus. But it does take some talent to create a show that can teach people things while still having a plot that is interesting and funny enough to stand on its own. Cyberchase was like that, too (I don't know how the show is now) and so is Martha Speaks.
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