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Random Poll #119: Favorite soda flavor? 

31 deviants said Cola
24 deviants said Orange
20 deviants said Lemon-lime
18 deviants said Something else entirely
16 deviants said Root beer
9 deviants said Other fruit
7 deviants said Grape


Necrodeus Redesign
Just doing a slight re-design of my angsty young friend~. I was pumping out those initial KH designs so fast, sometimes I didn't stop to think about how much aesthetic sense they made... ^^'

-His cape is clearly spooky smoke now, and his arms are totally...well, look at 'em. :T Also, his helmet-thing covers his face a bit more. I still want to work on that; I think the "head" part of the mask should be a bit larger, proportionally. Till next time, I guess.

-All the DMC boys have at least one brother that understands them to some degree; for Crody that brother is Dark Nebula. They're both generally pessimistic and indiscriminately mean, so they have that in common, at least. Although, Nebby is more mature when it counts~.

-Still 'friendshipping' Crody and Squashini. I haven't successfully written any interactions between them yet, but I'm sure I will someday!

-Crody has to put on his eye makeup every morning; those razor-sharp eyelashes don't mascara themselves~

The old design:  Humanoid Necrodeus by DokiDokiTsuna
Country Girls
More Blue Vitriol stuff~. I work on the story nearly every day now, so I like to doodle the characters in between comic work.

This is Mirabilite and BlueVit, ten years prior. They used to live in the same rural town when they were children; they even went to the same schoolhouse for a little while. But they didn't actually interact very much at all. ^^'

I have one scene in mind where Evelyn is walking the country roads one last time before she goes off to university, and stops to comfort little Audrey, who ran away from home to mourn the death of her grandmother without her mother's interference...I don't know if I'll get the chance to write it into the story, but it exists.

But that's it. Evelyn hardly remembers her in the present day, and Audrey tries her best to forget about that incident, along with the rest of her childhood...
Blue Vitriol: Enemies?
'Enemies' with a question mark because, although these people are initially set up as antagonists to Blue Vitriol, not all of them remain on the same side as the story progresses. ^^ If I blab too much about them, I'll spoil the whole story though, so I'll keep it brief:

Mirabilite (Evelyn Earl) | 29 y/o | Ore: Sarastro | Keeper/Leticia's bodyguard
Blue Vitriol's foil in the story. Where she is brash, rebellious, and immature, Mirabilite is caring, orderly, and understanding. She does have a natural curiosity that drives her, though. She's the kind of person who never stops searching for the truth, even if there's nothing she can do about it.

Maureen Soto | 45 y/o | Ore: N/A | Head Keeper
The Keepers of the Law (often called KotL's, pronounced "kottles") are the police force in this universe (at least in the country in which the story takes place, which currently remains nameless). It was an organization founded by the Metallurgy, but has recently started to include the non-Inclined and even the areligious. Maureen Soto (Leticia's mother) is one of those, and has fought tooth and nail to become the Head Keeper of Velos against all odds. Mirabilite is also a KotL, but I decided to have Maury wear the uniform for the both of them (I can't really imagine her in anything else, so...).

Fun fact: The symbol on Maury's belt buckle (and lower left-corner of her coat) stands for 'justice'. The three-horizontal-line symbol on her husband's robe (which I've also drawn on a couple other Metallurgy characters) stands for 'peace'. Watch for other three-lined symbols on future characters, which I'll be making up as I go along! :dummy:

Marcasite (Bernard Soto) | 47 y/o | Ore: N/A | High Priest
Bernard Soto is Leticia's father and the High Priest of Velos, which is sort of a combination mayor-and-religious-leader position. I'm slowly realizing that he actually holds a LOT of's hard to take him seriously because he's such a goof. He's also a selfish, callous bastard, but he's so friendly about it that you don't notice right away. ^^

Fun fact: The Metallurgy founded the KotL initially as a sort of protection force for their religious leaders. So priestly robes, like the one Bern has on, have gold accents, while KotL uniforms have silver accents. Other societal positions had uniforms that contained the other metals of antiquity in descending order, but only these two have stood the test of time.

Green Vitriol (Leticia Soto) | 18 y/o | Ore: Ludmilla | Patron
It's Our Lady in Green, the Patron of Velos. I don't remember how well I explained this before (if at all) so I'll do it again: a Patron is a special person chosen by the community to represent and protect the city. They do a lot of service work, visiting and talking to the people, capturing Ores, helping the KotL with law enforcement, or just preaching and giving counsel if they're unable to fight. Usually they're chosen because they have some kind of special power...but I won't talk about what Letty can do yet...partly because I just thought of it, like, yesterday, and I need some time to finalize my idea. XD

she's so scary though. and i'm not even into that scary clown thing ._.
The Name

...Okay, in all seriousness, I actually figured this out before it appeared on the wiki, and I'm kinda bummed that I didn't have an opportunity to brag about it. 'v' BUT, the fact that this info now exists somewhere for reference means that I don't have to create an overly-wordy comic strip to explain it, so I was able to make this funnier one instead. ^^

I'm sure Mags will 'own' his alleged name translation in time, but I honestly think it would be low-key devastating to him. I mean, he might as well be named 'disappointment'. Unless "unspecified progenitor" is an evil bastard too, and meant the name as a compliment?


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United States
Yo, what up? Doki here~

I like to write and draw comics:
-Kirby SSH (fancomic, page 25 and ongoing)
-Deadeye (original comic, page 54 and ongoing)
-RUSH (fancomic; page 49 and ongoing)

I also do commissions! Check my prices here:

Find me on Webtoon and Tapas, and on YouTube as Animara XD~!

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