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Doki Doki Carpe Diem [Script],SCENE: BEDROOMBEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP![MC] “Ugh, morning already?”[MC's mind] Still within the sweet embrace of sleep, I reach over to my nightstand table to try and shut off my alarm clock... except it is only after I realize the source of that annoying sound isn't the clock. It's coming from my phone. I question why I have an alarm clock, yet don't use it as such, but it's a nice clock and it's something to remember my grandmother by. After fumbling with my phone, I get out of bed and do some stretching and yawning. I take a moment to look at my phone to see if anything has gone on while I was asleep. Sure enough, there's a text message.[Text Message] “Hey, you, good morning! Hope you didn't forget about our special day today.”[MC] “Tch. Trust me, I wouldn't even dare think about forgetting.”SCENE: KITCHEN[MC's mind] After shooting a quick response back, I make my way downstairs and go about my daily routine. Today is a very special day and I want to look and feel as great as possible. After enjoying my daily cereal, I make my way outside and head out to the park.SCENE: RESIDENTIAL[MC's mind] It's very warm and sunny out. School is out for the summer, and the weather feels absolutely fine. Aside from the sounds of children playing, it's rather quiet around the neighborhood.SCENE: PARK (MUGEN)It takes me about ten minutes to reach the park. Now, where is she? After scanning the area, I think I spot just who I am looking for. A white sundress, a pair of modest sandals, chestnut brown hair tied into a ponytail, a white ribbon, and a pen in her hand as she looks thoughtfully around her. Yup, there she is. I don't think she's spotted me yet, so I decide to take a new approach. I slide out of view to avoid detection, opting to get behind the bench she's sitting at. I slowly but surely walk up behind her, silently getting closer. Just as I inch forward, she lifts her head suddenly and turns around to face me.[Monika] “I'll give you an A for effort, but you might wanna rethink your approach next time.”[MC] “Gah!”[Monika] “Ehehe. I'm glad you made it.”[MC] “Did I keep you waiting long?”[Monika] “No, not at all. I was actually just writing a poem to pass the time.”[MC] “Can I see?”[Monika] “Oh, well, it's not done yet, so I'd rather not.”[MC] “Fair enough. So, where did you wanna go first?”[MC's mind] She gets up from her bench and does a bit of a twirl, smiling sweetly at me as she does so. I honestly can't say how lucky I feel to have Monika in my life. We hadn't been able to hang out as much as we had liked after school ended for the semester for us, but at last it seems like the stars have aligned for us. As of today, we have been dating for six months. I can't even begin to comprehend that, let alone comprehend how out of all the guys she could have started going out with, she actually picked me and gave me a chance. Now, our relationship has blossomed into something wonderful.[Monika] “I know it sounds a bit childish, but since we're already here, why not go over to the swings first? After that, we can go grab something to eat.”[MC] “You drive a hard bargain, but works for me.”SCENE: PARK (KIMAGURE)[MC's mind] She giggles at me as she is putting her paper and pen away in her handbag. Monika playfully shoves my shoulder as she takes me by the hand and leads me over to the playground area. She doesn't show her playful side off very often, so it's always a treat when she does, especially considering I just adore that about her. There's a gentle breeze as we make our way over to the swings. Oddly enough, there isn't really anyone else here, although considering how safe and at ease I feel with Monika, I could care less about and odd stares we might get.[MC's mind] Monika kicks off her sandals and hands me her small handbag as she makes her way over to one of the swings. Once she sits down, she turns to look my way, signaling me to come on over. I happily oblige, trudging through the sand and positioning myself right behind her.[Monika] “Heehee. I love how the grass feels time time of year. Anyway, you know what to do, right?”[MC] “You say that as if this is the first time we've done this.”[Monika] “Just checking.”[MC's mind] Of course I know what to do. This park was where we had our first official date, after all, and I still remember how Monika surprised me when she told me she wanted to go on the swings. I hadn't really been on one since my grandmother and I used to enjoy the one she had in her backyard, so it was a somewhat awkward experience at first, to say the least. Setting her bag down close to the swing set, I begin to push her lightly, slowly building up that momentum as she swings back and forth.[Monika] “You call that a push?”[MC] “Oh ho? Are you challenging me? I'm only getting started!”[MC's mind] I decided to “turn up the intensity” gradually with each and every swing. Monika seemed to be really enjoying herself, as evident from her delighted laughter and the bright smile on her face. After a while, Monika told me I could stop, to which I happily obliged once more. When she asked me if I'd like a turn next, I lightly turned her down. With Monika, I felt as though I could be myself, without fear of judgment, and I could share some of my hidden secrets. [MC's mind] When I felt as though I trusted her enough, I told her a bit about why I often felt sad around swings, as my grandmother and I used to enjoy the one in her backyard until she passed away. I had not been on a swing since then... or at least, not until we had our first date. She was thankfully understanding and sympathetic towards me and my bittersweet feelings related to the swings.[Monika] “All right, then next stop is this restaurant I've been wanting to check out!”[MC] “Lead the way, Milady.”[Monika] “You're such a dork.”[MC] “Yes, but I'm your dork.”[Monika] “This is true.”[MC's mind] Monika giggled to herself as she began leading us away from the park and into the downtown area.[MC] “Wait. Aren't you forgetting something?”[MC's mind] I take a moment to point toward the ground. Monika's emerald eyes gaze down and then back up to me.[Monika] “Oh. Right. Oops.”[MC's mind] Monika retrieves her sandals, putting them back on and we then continue on our way.SCENE: DOWNTOWN[MC's mind] The streets were bustling with crowds of people going about their busy days. I always felt nervous being surrounded by crowds of people, for some reason or another, every since I was a little kid. As if I'd get swept away and separated from my mother should we lose track of each other, I suppose. As I felt my mind wander, it was then I realized I've lost sight of Monika! I try to remain calm as I scan the area looking for her. To my surprise, I feel a hand grab onto my wrist. As I turn to look, sure enough it is Monika smiling gently at me.[Monika] “It's this way. Hang onto me so we don't get lost.”[MC] “Oh... um, right.”[MC's mind] I held onto Monika's wrist as we navigated through the crowds of people until we eventually made it to this nice little restaurant.SCENE: MUGEN CAFE[MC's mind] We made our way inside and before we knew it, we were already seated at a booth. I couldn't help but look around me and take in the sight of the place. It was interesting, to say the least. I could hear Monika giggling.[MC] “What is it?”[Monika] “Oh, nothing. I just thought it was cute how you were looking all over the place.”[MC] “I mean, I haven't seen it before, so you can't blame me for being at least a bit curious?”[Monika] “No, no, I mean, I get that. Still though.”[MC's mind] Monika tells me a little about how she learned about this place. Apparently one of her friends named Megan was the one who told her about it, given how her uncle is actually the owner of the place. It isn't long before our waitress comes along and asks to take our order. Considering I haven't had anything from here before, I decide to go with a tried and true classic: a hamburger with fries. Monika orders a potato curry soup with some roasted cauliflower. To drink, we both decide to get lemonade. Once the waitress takes our order, she picks up our menus and lets us know our order will be right out soon.[MC's mind] Despite having different taste in food (no pun intended), Monika and I have had this sort of mutual understanding about one another. Although Monika has expressed in the past she would feel a bit better if I hate more healthy, she respects my decisions to eat the food I enjoy the most. I do, however, honor her wishes every so often and partake in her vegan lifestyle. After all, she's only looking out for me, so I can understand that she would feel better knowing I was eating and living healthy. We talk a bit about our summer vacation up to this point as we wait for our food to arrive.[MC's mind] Natsuki went to spend part of the summer with her mom after both her parents began to reconcile and Yuri went to spend a few weeks with her aunt Tsubasa. Considering she is often by herself when her mom is working overseas, we can rest easy knowing she won't feel lonely. Meanwhile, Sayori went on a family trip to visit her grandparents in the country, which left only Monika and me out of the entire Literature Club to spend at least part of the summer together. Monika herself has had some rough patches recently with her father, although I know the two of them have been working things out slowly but surely. As my aunt would put it, “just one step at a time.”[MC's mind] After a while, our waitress comes on by with our food and drinks, setting them down for each of us and wishing us a pleasant meal. We thank her as she goes on her way.[MC] “Your curry looks pretty good. I'll have to remember that for the next time around.”[Monika] “I don't mind sharing some of mine, if you'd like?”[MC] “No, that's okay. Besides, I made my decision. If you have any left over, then maybe. I wouldn't wanna take away from you.”[Monika] “No need to worry. Besides, I'm more than happy to share, but okay.”[MC's mind] Time passes and we eat our food with some idle chit-chat. Considering how awful I am at small talk, Monika is usually the one bringing up topics. I mean, the best I could do is resort to asking about the weather, so at least she's pretty understanding with how socially awkward I can be. Soon enough, my burger and fries are gone. I look over to Monika and see she has a bit of her curry left over.[MC] “Hmm... I see you haven't finished your curry.”[Monika] “Yeah, I think I overdid it on the breakfast a little bit today. Although, since I do happen to have some left over, I guess now you'd be more willing to try it?”[MC's mind] I raise my eyebrow at Monika.[MC] “You didn't plan that, did you?”[Monika] “No. I mean, why would I? Besides, a deal is a deal, so go on.”[MC's mind] I still feel like she didn't finish her food on purpose, but there's no point in arguing the point. Besides, I know her intentions are good and she's only trying to be nice. I just don't want to feel like I'm taking food away from her or anything, but I suppose that's just me overthinking things again. I take my unused silverware from my napkin and take a small serving of the curry. It's not too spicy and it has just the right amount of flavor with the potato thrown in. All in all, it's pretty good and I soon can't help myself from eating more. Monika giggles to herself as I'm chowing down.[Monika] “I'm going to take it that you like the curry?”[MC] “Heck yeah, I do. It's hecking good!”[Monika] “See how fun eating healthy can be for you?”[MC] “Okay, you got me.”[Monika] “I mean, I'm not saying you can't have a burger every once in a while, but I'm just looking out for you.”[MC's mind] I give her an understanding nod.[MC] “I know you are. I promise, I'll get better at it soon. So long as you're right beside me helping me along the way.”[Monika] “You can count on me.”[MC] “Right. So now that we've had our lunch, what did you have in mind now? Or do you wanna just head back to my place for the rest of the afternoon?”[Monika] “Hmm... Weeeeell...”[MC's mind] Monika has this mischievous grin on her face as she says that. Something tells me she's got something up her sleeve that totally out of the ordinary. When these ideas come to mind, well... let's just say your mileage may vary depending on what she's got cooked up on my behalf.[MC] “What are you getting at?”[Monika] “Let's go and pay up first. Then we can discuss.”[MC's mind] We waste no time paying for our food and tipping the waitress. As we step out of the restaurant, I can feel Monika grabbing me by the wrist.SCENE: DOWNTOWN[Monika] “All right, time's a-wasting!”[MC] “Wait, what? Where are we going?”[Monika] “It's a seeeeecret.”[MC] “You've been hanging around Sayori too much lately.”[Monika] “Just come on, silly. Trust me on this, you'll love it.”[MC] “All right, then, I guess I have no choice.”SCENE: RESIDENTIAL[MC's mind] With that, I have sold my soul to Monika's irresistible smile... again. I swear, it's like she knows that's a weakness of mine, so she keeps it as her secret weapon. We are going through the neighborhoods until I realize this is more or less the way to school. Before I can question her, Monika puts a finger to my lips.[Monika] “Shhh... Keep all questions until the end of the tour.”[MC's mind] I can tell you've always wanted to say that to me at the right moment. Well then. I guess we're going to school... in the middle of the summer. After we've graduated. Talk about irony. I spent the days before summer looking forward to getting away from school, and now my girlfriend is taking me back. Life is funny that way, I guess. Soon enough, the familiar sight of the school comes into view. To my surprise, the front gates are open.SCENE: SCHOOL FRONT[MC] “Shouldn't they have locked this up for the summer?”[Monika] “Shhh... No more questions.”[MC's mind] Oh right. I'm guessing we're not at the end of the “tour” yet. I'm kind of surprised Monika is even doing this. What happened to being “Miss Star Student?” Then again, I suppose it's not much of a problem since we've graduated. At the same time, that opens the door to a few more concerns. I'm even more shocked when Monika just pushes the door open to get inside.[MC] “Seriously?”[Monika] “What were you expecting? It's a school, not a bank.”[MC] "I guess you're right, but seriously." [MC's mind] Monika continues to lead me through the school partially against my will. I'd be lying if I didn't at least say I was kind of curious about what was so special that Monika would take me all the way to school in the middle of the summer.[MC] “Are you sure no one will hear us?”[Monika] “Positive.”[MC] “I mean, at least my footsteps are kinda quiet...”[MC's mind] Monika gives me a cheeky look as she kicks off her sandals once more, taking them in her hands.[Monika] “Feel better?”[MC's mind] I'm not sure how to answer that as she giggles to herself and we press forward.SCENE: HALLYWAY[MC's mind] Before I know it, we are in a familiar part of the school... This definitely brings back a lot of memories. Talk about some serious deja vu right now, except instead of Sayori dragging me around by my wrist, it's Monika. Soon enough, we are in front of a familiar classroom.[MC] “Well, what do you know? All right, so now what? I mean...”[MC's mind] Monika wordlessly drops her sandals to the floor. Then she goes through her handbag and pulls out a key. My eyes widen.[MC] “You mean you didn't give that back to the teacher?”[Monika] “She didn't say I couldn't make a copy of it.”[MC] “So rebellious. Who are you and what have you done with Monika?”[Monika] “Ehehehe, no, trust me, she's right here.”[MC] “Wait, what about your sandals?”[Monika] “They'll be fine out here. Not like they're going anywhere.”[MC's mind] Seeing this side to her is a bit of a shocker to me, not going to lie. I guess considering how much time she spent being the model student, I suppose she felt like it was time to cut loose. Although I kind of wish she had chosen to do so in a different way.SCENE: CLUB ROOM[MC's mind] I'm flooded with nostalgia stepping foot in here. It didn't feel like that long ago that Sayori brought me here in the hopes I could connect and form meaningful bonds with people who wouldn't judge me for who I was. Little did I know that not only would I do that, but I would find love and acceptance with Monika. I look over and I see her standing by the window sill giving me a peculiar look.[Monika] “So, have you figured it out yet, [Player]?”[MC] “You wanted to sneak into school to get into our old club room? That much, I think I figured out.”[MC's mind] Monika gives me a blank stare.[MC] “Oh. Um...”[Monika] “Hehehehe! I mean, that much is obvious, but do you know why I did all that?”[MC's mind] That's when it finally hits me. Considering I was just thinking about this not that long ago, it suddenly makes sense.[MC] “This is where we...”[Monika] “That's right. This is where our beautiful relationship began to bloom. Where we really met for the first time after being strangers to each other for so long.[MC's mind] Monika's face becomes solemn as she closes her eyes. I swear I see a small tear in the corner of her eye. She then gazes at me once more with her beautiful emerald eyes.[Monika] “For that reason, this room holds a lot of meaning to me.”[MC] “I can say the same thing. I can't begin to imagine what my life would be like right now if Sayori hadn't dragged me over here... I never would've met the Literature Club... I never would've gotten to know you better. We'd still be strangers.”[Monika] “I honestly can't imagine things without you now. I never once though I'd find someone who would look past the 'perfect wind-up doll' act I had and fall for the real me... the 'Original Me,' so to speak.”[MC] “You've been listening to too much Cascada again.”[Monika] “Ehehehe. Well, come on, you know what I mean.”[MC] “Honestly, yes. I feel the same way. After being looked at as a bit of an outcast by everyone, I didn't think I'd ever find anyone here who accepted me as I am either. This club seriously changed everything for me and I haven't felt so alone anymore.”[Monika] “That's not all, though...”[MC's mind] Monika pauses as she reaches into her handbag and pulls out the paper she had from earlier.[Monika] “You kinda surprised me earlier when I was writing this, so I'm sorry if it's not that good, but I want you to have this.”[MC's mind] Without hesitation, I take the paper from her, unfolding it and reading it over.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Carpe DiemLoneliness. Despair.Lost with no sense of direction.Despite being surrounded by many faces, I felt so alone.I didn't know what to do.Then there was you.It was then that everything went from wrong to right.The stars shone bright, filling my dark October night.So many things I wanted to say, yet I was unable to.How much I wanted to seize the moment and hope that youWould listen to what I had to say and that you felt the same.My heart would stop every time you called my name,Hoping you would one day say what I wanted to hear.The stars were aligned for us for the very moment.And yetI couldn't bring myself to seize the day before me.It was to my delight when and thereYou told me how you felt for me, at long last.In the end, you were the one to seize the dayAnd truly express all that you truly felt and wanted to say.I am forever grateful to have one such as kind and loving in my life.Warmth. Hope.A deep connection.I am lonely nevermore.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------[MC's mind] I am taken aback by her words. I know she often expressed her loneliness to me, but not like this. It seems very humbling and hard to believe that these words are Monika's and they are directed at me. At least...[MC] “This is directed at me, right?”[Monika] “Of course it is, silly. Face it, Tiger, you and I really hit the jackpot.[MC's mind] I laugh to myself as I hold the poem close in my hand. I cannot help but walk over to where she is. When I am with her, I am at peace. When I am with her, I no longer feel alone. It's like her poem says, when I am with her, I am lonely nevermore. As I move closer and our faces nearly touch, I hear some annoying loud sound.SCENE: BEDROOMBEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP![MC] “Ugh, morning already?”[MC's mind] As I fumble around for my phone, I take a moment to process just what went on in my mind. It was all a dream. This whole time. Honestly, the things my dreams cook up are so strange sometimes, and yet... this felt so real. I wanted it to be real. I look up at my ceiling. Well, my feelings towards Monika are real, but then I don't know about actually going through and confessing to her. I know they always say the worst that can happen is they just say “No.” In some ways, this is true, and yet... Considering she is the club president and I would still be seeing her every day, I imagine it would make things awkward for both of us if she rejected me.[MC's mind] I sigh deeply to myself as I resolve to start getting dressed for school today. It is the middle of October, after all. Funny, though. That poem from the dream... People say our dreams often try to tells us things, so I can only wonder if that's what my dream was trying to tell me.Carpe Diem. Seize the day.
(ddlc) S..sayori!! (mc/Various X Sayori) by camilasparkle
(ddlc) Natsuki x Yuri (otp) by camilasparkle
Emeralds for TearsIn this place of manmade wonders we still bicker over flies When you come seeking for forgiveness, I'll be forced to choose my side If I deny you what you're searching, do I do it out of fear? Am I ruling out my reason, killing that which I hold dear? Out of my way, I'm running, with an excuse just underway This reality's so daunting, and I've got no way to explain Cos when you're sitting right across from me, I know you're the one So when I hear you calling my name, why do I turn away and run? I guess that's why it's raining emeralds, sweet happiness in tears Crying heaven shed your emeralds, emeralds for tears In the light of recent findings, there's no greater taint than grace But to relinquish all our bindings, always finds us out of place If I rested here a while more, would you hold me to your heart? If I knew what it was meant for, would I know to play my part? Out of my way, I'm leaving, another excuse before I'll stay Reality's imploding, I know I don't know the right way Cos when you're sitting right across from me, I know you're the one So when I hear you calling my name, yeah, I know you're the one I guess that's why it's raining emeralds, sweet happiness in tears Crying heaven shed your emeralds, emeralds for tears Is it a lost cause, Can we overlook this taint? Is this the dead code? Like the noose around her neck And though I fear this ending, like the knife that pierced her heart I will save you from the pain, I'll show you my reality Cos when you're sleeping right next to me, I know you're the one So when I hear you calling my name, I'll know the good I've done I guess that's why it's raining emeralds, sweet happiness in tears Crying heaven shed your emeralds, emeralds for tears


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