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I haven’t really been doing work lately that involves drawing proper backgrounds, so I made a thing as practice to try to get back into it. c: I did a slightly different line art style to try to make everything seem softer and added textures for visual interest. But I kept things simple to make sure I wouldn’t spend forever on this >w<‘ also motion blur filters make things looks so funny and I couldn’t stop giggling after I put it on :’3

I also highkey have been struggling to have oc’s again even though made so many in middle school, but I really like drawing these recurring cat characters. I think graphic design has taught me that keeping things simple is helpful because too many details to redraw can be a hassle. o n o So my only oc’s atm are this tsun tsun calico and a melty orange tabby who wears a bunny hat and has no chill. They may get character ref sheets soon because I want something for art fight~
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Hello old friend it's been forever n w n
Sugary-Stardust's avatar
I was thinking that, like I think it's been years aaaaaaa
how it do?
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I’ve been good! I was more active on instagram, and I came back here because I’m taking art more seriously n w n I hope you’re well too~
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Mmmm better on the whole! Working on an application for SSI (at least, I think it's SSI and not SSDI?) and working on a super big programming project, so there's that :)
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ohhh I don’t think I know what that is? >w<
that’s super cool! O: you’ve studied computer science?
Sugary-Stardust's avatar
Disability, basically.

and LMAO I HAVE NOT. I took one webdesign class and one Javascript class over 10 years ago, and my current project involves PHP and MySQL (and webdesign/management). I'm just determined af to make this project come to life. I'm surprised at how well I'm progressing tbh.
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ohhh I see o v o I really hope that pans out well for you!
That’s still really cool thoughhh! O: I don’t think I could do coding for a long period of time q w q I should really learn some though because I’m in school for design, and interactive design opportunities have only increased over the years o w o
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