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WoW - TG 2 - COMMISSION by KristinaTG WoW - TG 2 - COMMISSION :iconkristinatg:KristinaTG 39 0 13-Years Waiting by Guyver54 13-Years Waiting :iconguyver54:Guyver54 59 6 Shrink Hug! by LeatherSFM
Mature content
Shrink Hug! :iconleathersfm:LeatherSFM 189 18
A Fairy Flower Encounter [TG+TF] by LeatherSFM
Mature content
A Fairy Flower Encounter [TG+TF] :iconleathersfm:LeatherSFM 59 5
Teacher Thieves- The Drunken Scout- Ichiko Ohya TF
Lucikly for the Phantom Thieves, the situation at Madarame's palace had been resolved quite efficiently, though the lead-up to it did nearly involve Usami doing something rather...un-teacherlike, to say the least. Yusuke meshed with the team well, surprisingly enough, though his odd praise of Chouno did raise some questions. Regardless, the second palace was done, and the group was about to take another dive into the Metaverse....
"Alright, I think we've got everything together," Tae remarked, idly swirling a sucker in her mouth. Didn't quite work as well as smoking, but it fulfilled her oral fixation. "Are we good to go?" "I suppose so..." Yusuke remarked with his typical cool nature. "I simply cannot wait to explore this Mementos you keep describing. It sounds fascinating." "Creepy is more like it..." Sadayo muttered. "It's like something out of Lovecraft. A world created entirely from the warped cognition of society..." "Please, no need to convince me any more," the student insisted
:iconhassoutobi27:HassouTobi27 33 6
Mature content
A Goddess in Reality [Minato to Marie TF/TG] :iconfieryexplosion:FieryExplosion 47 12
Spider-Verse: Golden- P4xInto the Spider-Verse TG by HassouTobi27 Spider-Verse: Golden- P4xInto the Spider-Verse TG :iconhassoutobi27:HassouTobi27 142 7 Lucina the Boots by P1nkApple Lucina the Boots :iconp1nkapple:P1nkApple 71 4
He MAY be the best, like no one ever was.
*Before reading the story, read the description so you know what the setting is. Also I made Ash and May 16 years old*
    Character Bio's:   Ash: 16 yrs, 5ft, 9in.    Max: 8 yrs, 4ft, 5in.    Brock: 17 years, 6ft, 2in.    May: 16 yrs, 5ft, 5in, CC-cup.    Pikachu: A little yellow mouse.
    Ash ran back into the Pokemon center.  He wanted to get to the next town and battle a new gym leader, but May was taking her time! "There! All finished!" May said as she finished packing her bag. "May! what are you doing? You are so slow!  The next gym battle is waiting for us!" Ash said as he pushed May down the hallway. "Oooo! Wait!" May said as she stopped in front of a mirror, causing Ash to fall on his face. "May!" Ash yelled as he got back up.  "What? You dont ever check your clothes or hair before going somewhere?" May said as she messed w
:iconhello546:Hello546 150 23
Persona 5: The Phantom Teachers
It was another normal day in Shibuya, and the Phantom Thieves were preparing for their latest trip into the Metaverse! They'd only recently discovered the massive dungeon-maze, but it gave them a bunch of good experience...or at least that's what Joker said. Nevertheless, they met up at their usual spot at the underground walkway of the Shibuya train station.
"Oh hell yeah! I'm ready to kick some shadow ass! I've been bored sick all damn day!" the always incorrigible Ryuji exclaimed as he leaned against the railing.
"Well you might've been less bored if you didn't sleep through all of your classes...." Ann remarked as she scrolled through her phone.
"Hey, I only slept through some of them!"
"Still, it's important to pay attention during them," Ren remarked as he adjusted the glasses over his face. "Helps boost your knowledge."
"I don't think stupid Ryuji has time to level up those stats, Joker," Morgana remarked with a chortle as he looked at the calling card Tae Takemi gave them the d
:icondancingspartan:DancingSpartan 75 3
Mature content
A New Royal, A New Bowsette (Commission) :iconhewhoismany:HeWhoIsMany 42 0
Mature content
Skyward Switch (Commission) :iconhewhoismany:HeWhoIsMany 21 0
Commission: Zinnia the Ribombee by P1nkApple Commission: Zinnia the Ribombee :iconp1nkapple:P1nkApple 37 8
Kiga of Odidba (Yukiko Maiden Transformation)

It had been years after the defeat of the goddess Izanami at the hands of the investigation team. The group was formed in the first place to solve the mysterious rash of murders that had plagued the Inaba region for the year of 2011.
Ten years had passed since that battle, ten years since the group split and for one of them… Life returned to somewhat normal… for an inn daughter that is.
“Yukiko! Don’t forget room 312 needs their tea!”
“Yes mother!”
“Yukiko! The sheets in 214 need changing!”
“Yukiko! Take the group meal up when you’re done!”
Yukiko Amagi sighed out of exhaustion, Ten years ago she was all gung-ho about staying in Inaba after Yu Narukami had entered her life and made her see that she had people around her who cared for her and running away from it all was a bad idea.
After she had finished her morning chores, she quickly received a phone call
:iconalessagiafairy:Alessagiafairy 12 1
Chieful Living: Chie Mass Twinning TG/TF

The Investigation Team had recently cleared through Naoto's dungeon again, giving themselves some extra training. They were about to face off against a very dangerous shadow, which Rise had detected before they ventured in. Of course, they had no idea what it'd be....

Chie Satonaka was on edge as well as the shadow came into view. She had a mini heart attack when it came into clear view. "N-No. it can't be!"
"Kyahahahaha! You've grown so much since we last fought, but you will never beat me!!!"
"How are you here?! Yosuke, Yu and I Kicked your butt and you turned into Tomoe! you shouldn't be here!" Chie yelled in anger pulling back her fist.

"You insolent fool! You thought you could kill me that easily?"
"I don't know. I think i remember Izanagi handing you a buttwhooping." Yu smirked to himself.
"Oh you little-! Shut up, all of you!
:iconalessagiafairy:Alessagiafairy 35 4
Synchronized Sisters: Persona 4 Twinning Short
[DISCLAIMER: This is a sequel to MirageSand's Naoto twinning story! That can be found here: COM-Dancing In Sync(Persona 4 Twinning)]
The idol festival that Rise had invited her friends to perform with her in was finally over. After a long week of sequins, cutesy pop songs and blinding stage lights, the Investigation Team could finally return to their normal lives...though one more thing had to be done before that. Before the festival had even started, Naoto had been tasked with improving Yosuke's synchronization with the others, and her desperation ultimately drove her to giving Yosuke a special Shirogane family potion. This potion turned him into an exact copy of Naoto, but it also got "her" in sync with the others after minimal practicing. The newly-dubbed Maoto Shirogane had been masquerading as Naoto's twin sister for the rest of the festival, Rise coming up with an excuse
:iconhassoutobi27:HassouTobi27 41 2

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Missing, for four long months. Not playing my favorite game. And then SOE had the nerve to make me play EQ2.

Well forget that. I'm coming back to WoW and with it will bring more rants about lore, murlocs, blood elves. And perhaps some stuff to submit.
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