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FtM : Two boys speaking of lewd
Riley : Hmmm...So normally if I was right, after eating that candy the first body I will think of is going to start spread and change me to fit it... Riley : Well let's try hmm...I imagine myself back in my younger years, when I was in highschools and- ??? : Oh man GOSH! Theses uniforms are just so tight! RIley : Uh...Who is talking...Some students ? Suits...? ??? : Gosh I know man! Wish it wasnt so hot...I feel like melting in my pants! I also can't move without feeling my dick rubbing on it! Riley : G-Grrmpfh...Can't they speak less loud ? I am in the middle of a important experimentation...Speaking about pants and dick...Young peoples
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Psycher(Sabrina TF/AP)
On route 201, a young school kid named Sabrina was quickly making her way back home. She had one Poké Ball strapped to her waist which had her father’s Caterpie inside. She was wearing a short, brown skirt, a cerulean blouse that had no sleeves, pink tennis shoes, and white socks. She had long, brown hair that was tied into a high ponytail by a pink scrunchie and she had a pink watch on her right wrist. Her pink bag was slung over her shoulder, an extra Poké Ball rested inside that she planned to use if she spotted a wild Pokémon. The sun was beginning to set as the girl trekked home, in her mind she replayed the humiliat
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Guess who's back....
Missing, for four long months. Not playing my favorite game. And then SOE had the nerve to make me play EQ2. Well forget that. I'm coming back to WoW and with it will bring more rants about lore, murlocs, blood elves. And perhaps some stuff to submit.
A little challange.
So i'v sent this out to one of my more favorite artists. But i'v got a little challange going on at the process. It's some tf's of W.I.T.C.H characters. Full details at And now so the community can see it i'm gonna post it here as well.         Will change         ___________ It's an AR (age regression) of Will Vandom from W.I.T.C.H((what a surprise)) I want it to be either a sequence or an animation ((no stills)) I want her to be about 5-7 years and standing in clothes that stayed the same size ((aka didn't change to fit her, didn't shrink, too big, ect.)) she may also be doing o


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