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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 28, 2018, 1:03 PM

  • I reserve the right to decline a commission for any reason.
  • Payment is done in full up front, via Paypal. I’ll send an invoice!
  • I’ll send you at least one WIP so I know if you’d like any possible changes, as it gets approved I’ll go and finish your commission! You can request more WIP updates anytime!
  • You’re free to request small changes in the finished picture!
  • I can include the PSD or SAI file and/or a video of the illustration process if you wish.
  • Visual references only.
  • You can post, share and use the art (for personal, not commercial use). Just be sure to credit me!
  • In case something comes up that stops me from being able to finish your commission, I’ll give a full refund.
  • In case you want to cancel your commission, I’ll give a full refund if I haven’t started working on it yet. If I have started working on it, the amount refunded will depend on how far along I am.
  • Don’t claim as your own or edit out my signature.

Thank you very much!
Tagged by :iconhanadoodles:

1. Post 8 facts about your character
2. Tag 8 characters and their creators
3. Post the characters names and their creator's avatars. 

I'm going to pick facts from a bunch of characters, not just one hehehe

(i'm skipping some facts that may get mentioned soon or may be Spoilers)

  • The reason Ket distrusts bus drivers is because they've been left behind by buses many times during their League Journey. There may be a conspiracy.
  • Ket can't swim and hates deep water with every fiber of their being. You can probably guess their fight against Lorelei and their match at the Cerulean gym went super.
  • Engie really likes 80's music. Engie is also a Huge Nerd.
  • Chika used to be really into anime (or the RoK equivalent to anime). She'll try to deny this now but she'll still get that glint in her eyes if you ask her about anime stuff.
  • Len sometimes gets homesick and misses Castelia Cones the most.
  • Though Len usually has no obvious accent to Kanto folks, it comes in full force if they're agitated enough.
  • Dell's notebook actually once belonged to his sister, but he took it for himself and put stickers all over it a few years ago.
  • Orville is a complete nerd for Kanto-Johto legends after running into the Beast trio at the Burned Tower with Halley as a child.
  • Bonus: Halley and Orville wear friendship bracelets.

I tag eVERYONE WHO READS THIS (and wants to do it ofc!!)

Perhaps I should make it a resolution to be more active here? :B

ANYWAY YOU CAN USUALLY FIND ME AT: - My art-focused tumblr - Routes of Kanto's dedicated tumblr (with a bunch of extra content I don't upload here!)… - My Flight Rising clan (an eternal work-in-progress)
I went back and edited the earlier pages of RoK (sans page 1 and 2) and made them double pages like I started doing later on. I did this to lower the total number of pages so far and keep things more consistent. :3 This made the total number of pages go from 30 to 21 (counting the update I'm posting tomorrow).

Because this knocked some stuff out of order, I took them off all the groups I submitted them to and I'll slowly reupload them.
and I just realized I never posted my ruleset here in DA (it's up in the nuzlocke forums tho) or tumblr

Maybe tomorrow
Sooo I got an anipan (it's a very new art site)

If you have one, link me to it so we can follow eachother!
Man, it has been a while, hasn't it? I have been pretty busy with college stuff, but I'm back (hopefully)! :D I'll try to draw more, yupyup.

I've also cleaned my gallery out, now my Scraps is just stuffed with my crap, haha.
Sooo I have an art blog!

It doesn't have THAT much stuff there yet, but that's because it's fairly new. Check it out of you want!
Then you should probably head to Get Watchers, over here:… They have a site and system that makes viewing and commenting on other people's stuff much easier. Give it a try!
By :iconskulldog:

1. Tireless
2. Fallen
3. Light yellow / Gray / Red
4. Omnipresent
5. Hazy
6. Advanced
7. Dark Green / Ivory / Tan
8. Optimal
9. Dirty
10. Meek
11. Chromatic
12. Halochaser
13. Marked
14. Incarnate
15. Exotic
16. Smart
17. Defiant
18. Teal / Red / Yellow
19. Infected
20. Blinking
21. Noisemaker
22. Turning
23. Firespeaker
24. Gaudy
25. Halved
26. Abysmal
27. Yellow / Silver / Indigo
28. Musical
29. Icy
30. Winged
31. Ethereal
32. Scientific
33. Wasteful
34. Corrosive
35. Hooked
36. Purple / Silver / Black
37. Enemy
38. Catastrophic
39. Wayward
40. Reflecting
41. Underdeveloped
42. Vigorous
43. Stonekeeper
44. Restrained
45. Green / Light yellow / Orange
46. Petulant
47. Delicious
48. Joyful
49. Strong
50. Injured
51. Open
52. Mute
53. Unwelcome
54. Fast
55. Black / light green / light blue
56. Forgotten
57. Windbiter
58. Serpentine
59. White / Purple / Blue
60. Spiral
61. Blood
62. Atomic
63. Black / White / Blue
64. Incognito
65. Polished
66. Heavy
67. Glass
68. White / Red / Brown
69. Statuesque
70. Solitary
71. Stormy
72. Duskplayer
73. Faulty
74. Symbiotic
75. Tan / Royal Purple / Copper / White
76. Vast
77. Darkflyer
78. Larval
79. Fearful
80. Twin
81. Totemic
82. Ghostly
83. Discontent
84. Winner
85. Blinded
86. Starslayer
87. Gold / Red / Brown
88. Fiery
89. Jealous
90. Growing
91. Misplaced
92. Hallow
93. Errant
94. Overseer
95. Complex
96. Yellow / Gold / Blue
97. Divergent
98. Mindgazer
99. Taboo
100. Muse
Art trades, or collabs, anyone?

Yeees? >:

Oh man I need to draw more stuff sddfdsff