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Reaper Man [v2] - Inktober2018, day 11

First version I posted on Instagram had incorrect number of bones in his hand xD
No wonder, because last time I studied skeleton was 10ish years ago and I was kind of drawing from memory.
Anyway, this is the fixed version.

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Except, um, isn't his thumb on the wrong side?

I'm pretty terrible at drawing hands myself, but just looking at my own hand held at chest level, this doesn't look right. :o (Eek) 
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You shouldn't look at your own hand, you can't see all the bones in it anyway and there's plenty of stuff that restricts movement of bones in your fingers, especially the thumb. If only people actually took 3 seconds to google hand anatomy... 

11v2-less Cr by ajcrwl Ftd7PvzVPBU by ajcrwl

This optical illusion happens thanks to the lack of knowledge. There's no long bone among carpals (5, purple ones), so it can't sit across the palm. The long bone in the thumb is one of metacarpals (4) and here it's sticking up at 90 degrees on the side of the hand closer to the viewer.

Besides, Death has no muscles and joints, so his bone movement is only restricted by the idea of where bones should be. He could probably spin his thumb 360 degrees but he won't because that's ridiculous.
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Okay, I've got it now. Looking at my own hand in front of my own chest doesn't give me the right perspective. His thumb is sticking mostly up, not out.

Thanks for clarifying. I couldn't figure how you could have gotten it wrong. And that's because you didn't! I was looking at it wrong.Clap 
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