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October Embers, day 11, the Lake

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October Embers, day 11, the Lake, the princess and the beast.
The story goes: the Emperor and the Empress were childless, so they made a daughter out of a doll with magic. They sent her away to marry the general who led the Nation of the Lake behind the Woods, so that together with the Empire they could crush the folks of the woods. But something went wrong during the journey, the princess ran away with the court magician, joined the wooden folks, and tamed the creature that lived in the Lake and kept eating the general's ships. This marked the beginning of the end both for the general and the Empire. Some stories say that the creature was a dragon. Some say the child was a prince who became a princess. Some say the princess became a dragon. It's a very old tale of the Cube.
Perhaps, the next chapter of cubeDB? :)
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Very good job ʕ *ᴥ* ʔ