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Emily Kaldwin

I just saw the trailer and.. well..
All hail the assassin Empress.

this on tumblr
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Emily the Wise and Merciful, Empress of the Isles and Heir of the Death Masque. Lord Corvo Attani had taught his daughter everything she needed to know to survive this world.


People never really connected the dots about how... fatally accident-prone her less competent ministers and more corrupt nobles tended to be.
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This is so good! And done really quickly :D
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Great drawing! I was so excited when she was revealed. :D I love love love Dishonored and can't wait for 2. :aww:
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I just watched the trailer and I am so exited! Nice picture!
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I'm damn hyped too :D 
Also I'm very looking forward to the new amazing steampunk features like those guardian robots :3
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YASS. I'm so looking forward to any new inventions. I wonder if we'll actually see that transformer room from the trailer.
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Yaa! That would be so amazing :D I was really overwhelmed when I saw that :D 
And finally they included robots to the game :D

I just hope it'll be a longer story than the first part. Those nine missions were great, but in the end it was way to short for such an amazing game.
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Emily is the next person chosen by the Outsider? Playing the new empress is gonna be AWESOME!!!!! Still gotta play Brigmore Waitches though, I want to become Doug... Dode?... Doud?... Daod?...
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That was gonna be my next guess, I assure you... actually it would've been Dude but, that was unlikely.

His name really should've been Doug. "Oh, watch out for Doug. He killed the Empress!" ^^
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"Hey guys, so we've made up this concept of an amazingly brutal and silent killer who will be one of the main antagonists of the game! He wears a badass uniform, a gasmask, has a rough, deep voice, a scar over his eye and a wristbow. What should we call him?"
"Let's just call him "Dude". I think that's fine." :D

Yeah, Doug is really impressing :D Not :D 
Nah, I like Daud :D I wish there were names like that one in modern culture :D It's very unlikely to stumble across such names.
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This is such a brilliant idea though :D I'm totally writing this down, no way I'm going to let this idea go to waste and be forgotten xD
"Fearless assassin leader by the name of Dude".
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Ouh damn :D What have we done?
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probably a good part in the thing i'm currently writing? :D
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What are you writing?
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I bet any guy would love to be called Corvo, I love that name! Simple, easy to remember XD

Although, with a name like Dude, you would be the pinnacle of awesome :dummy: 
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Yep, most definetely! 
When I'm married once and my wife accepts it, I'll give my son that name :D
And if he ever asks who Corvo was, I'll answer "The man who reconstructed an empire, avenged his traitors and was a wonderful guard to a young empress!"

Well, they could also have named him Douche instead :D 
*Whisper* "You heard of Dude?"
"Dude? The silent shadow? The one who killed the empress? The knife of Dunwall? The one who has the outsiders mark?"
"Sshhhh be quiet! Yes, exactly that man! Dude!" :D
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Ah, but there are so many cool names. It's easy to run out of children to give these names to :D
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Naah, you can MAKE those kids :P
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Would be confusing if surfer guys came to Dunwall for gnarly waves.
"Duuuude, did you know this one dude named Dude is all killing all these dudes, dude?"
"Yea, dude. I heard this Dude guy, is like, a killer dude."
"Dude..." XD
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Damn :D Stop it :D
This is so ridiculous :D

Also what the hell, surfers in Dudewall? Eh. Dunwall?
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oh my god DUDE IN DISHONORED. That wouldn't have been full of adventures. Unless Delilah stole his carpet xD
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