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:iconhunterxhangout: :iconnaruto-oc-critique:
except i want tagged, i stole it from zio but whATEVER

Post these rules.
Post 8 facts about your character.
Tag 8 other people; post their avatars & write their oc’s names next to them.

((ALSO you can ask for more characters and i'll update the journal with them lol))

but ill start with a good ol fan fave

HxH- Pachi Pokka by DoItForScotty
  1. Pachi wears black and white because she's convinced she's colorblind and that's why her paintings always turn out wrong.
  2. Her native language is written in Wingdings because that's dumb and I love it.
  3. For someone who grew up doing nothing but straightforward art, she's pretty desensitized to things like guts and gore and freaky stuff like that. It just doesn't really bother her.
  4. Pachi can play the harmonica half decently, but not as well as her cousin.
  5. She loves reading stories! He youngest brother, Pokki is a writer. He writes fables.
  6. She has a brother thats a year younger than her named Pokko Pokka. They get mistaken for twins a lot.
  7. Despite all the grief it brought her, she actually still practices her family's religion, although she doesn't really know what to do when the big statue of the art goddess isn't around.
  8. Pachi Pokka does not do well in the sun, please protect her.
next is LadyZiodyne 's bias
Kuromaru Yamada by DoItForScotty
  1. He drinks a lot of water cause he's pretty sure he dehydrates from crying so much.
  2. The only one who's seem his real skin is his bf Kiko cause he's only truly comfortable and calm around him what a BEAN
  3. He doesn't really, like, stutter, per ce? but he DOES word vomit 24/7 and if you're really careful you can figure out what the actual fuck he's trying to say
  4. He's so??? weird??? like he like lolita fashion and teapots and pretty french aesthetics but also 100% still sleeps in a racecar bed who is he.
  5. He trips over his own feet sometimes ): He should probably get that checked out.
  6. He slept a lot better once UA switched back to dorms. Where he lives normally could be Actually Dangerous and it's one of the reasons he's always on edge.
  7. He doesn't like his hero outfit but he's really proud that he designed it so he doesn't want to get rid of it (and even if he did, he's afraid to go to the support class to ask for help)
  8. what WOULDN'T this kid do for a matcha daifuku??

i tag whoever wants to do this lmao


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My Naruto OC AU fanfiction is a third the length of the book I wrote in high school.



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Art-Might Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2018
THANK YOU for the watch!!!!
I looked through your BNHA ocs cuz i have no self control and I loVE KIMYKO I LOVE THAT ONE HAND CUPPING HER EYE LIKE HI
DoItForScotty Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
aaaaAAAA OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! i just heard abt you from nutty and you seemed to sweet i followed you on an ***impulse***
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WELL IMPULSE IS EVERYWHERE THEN!!! Thank you and you're welcome too!!!!!
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Have a good day. 
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Thanks for the fav :D
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